Thursday, December 16, 2010

Holiday Cheer from FiberWild … and Last Minute Gift Ideas!

Hi Everyone!  We just wanted to share a couple of "cool" snapshots of our winter wonderland, and let you know that we genuinely appreciate our customers and your business over the last year.

… and our marketing team won't let me send out an email without mentioning that we have some great last-minute gifts for the knitter or crocheter in the family ...

Gift Ideas include ... any of our unique knitting and crochet kits, including a huge selection of original socks kits, addi Click Needle Sets, and a variety of handmade finished goodsGift Certificates are always the right size and color, and can be e-mailed until the very very very last minute!

In the continental U.S., if you place your order by this Monday, December 20th before Noon, you can get it in time for Christmas!  … and the shipping is free for orders over $75!

Again, we appreciate every one of our customers and hope you have a delightful holiday season.  We look forward to hearing from you in the new year!  From everyone here at FiberWild!  (Amy, Sean, Nicki, Jane, Anne, Sarabel, Cody, Stephanie and SCOUT) a sincere thank you!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

"I love the colorwork mittens … is there a matching hat?" You bet ! …

Did you see my "Winter Wonder" mitten pattern in the Classic Elite newsletter?  I am proud to have this design featured by Classic Elite … the pattern is available free at the Classic Elite website, or better yet, in my kit with just the right amount of yarn to make the mittens and the matching cap!

The Winter Wonder Cap 'n Mitten kit contains both the cap and the mitten pattern, along with 3 skeins of Classic Elite's soft Fresco yarn (go figure!).  Included are 2 colored skeins and 1 white skein of Fresco yarn ... the cap and the mittens each use one skein of the colored yarn, and 1/2 skein of white for the colorwork … so 3 skeins is the perfect amount of yarn for both projects! The Fresco yarn is an incredibly soft wool / baby alpaca / angora blend, but holds stitch definition well … perfect for colorwork!

You can choose from 6 colors of the fine weight Fresco yarn … the sample in the picture is knit from the "Sugar Blue/White" color combo, the mittens featured in the Classic Elite newsletter is the "Strawberry/White" color.

These patterns are an intermediate skill level, and are knit on size 2, 3 and 4 circular and double point needles.  Both the patterns have the instructions for two sizes.
If you have never done colorwork, here is your chance … a matched hat 'n mitten set at a great price!  More pictures and details on our Project Ideas website page … take a look at my kitty Scout testing the mittens!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

To Knit or Crochet? - that is the question!

If you're indecisive, the Pin-Me-Up scarf kit is going to be a challenge … knit or crochet?  Which of the 4 yummy colors will go with my jacket?  … AND I get a choice of shawl pins!

Always on the lookout for great new stuff, we found these shawl pins and had to pair them up with a fashionable one-skein scarf project for fall.  The knit version was so effortless, I had to crochet one too!

The Pin-Me-Up Scarf kit contains the knit and crochet pattern and 1 skein of Malabrigo merino wool yarn … enough to make either a knit or a crocheted version of this simple neck wrap.  The yarn is worsted weight, knit on a size US 9 needle or crocheted on a size US I hook.

The kit is available in 4 colors ... including "Lettuce", "Applewood", "Pagoda" and "Azul Profundo".  Where do they come up with these names?  Azul Profundo ... hhhmmmm ... I instantly recognize that as a dark denim blue.  The knit sample in the picture is made from the "Pagoda" (red), and the crochet model is made from the "Lettuce" (green) colored yarn.

Choose either the "Off Center Circle" or the "Waves" shawl pin.  Both of these shawl pins are made of highly polished rosewood ... the "Off-Center" is about 2.0" across, and the "Waves" pin is about a 1/4 inch larger.  The accompanying shawl stick measures about 4.25" in length (use the shawl stick by itself as a simple, elegant shawl closure too!).

Both the knit and crochet versions of the Pin-Me-Up scarf are fun and easy to make … checkout the details and put one together that's just for you … also makes a great gift … you decide!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Wristlets have Ruffles! Hey Crocheters! Looking for a cute pattern for a pair of stylish Wristlets? … This one is for you!

Recently I have had lots of requests for knit and crochet wristlets … we have a couple knit patterns, so I decided to put together a ruffled and feminine crochet kit!

The Ruffled Crochet Wristlet kit contains the crochet pattern and 1 skein of quality alpaca blend yarn (50% Superfine Alpaca / 50% Wool) … enough to make a pair of the wristlets.  The yarn is a double knit (DK) weight, crocheted on a size US G hook.

The kit is available in 4 warm colors ... the pictures show the Ruffled Wristlet in the "North Winds" color.  Well, maybe 3 of the 4 colors are warm … the light blue is more of a cool color than warm, and with a name like "North Winds", I have images of frozen ice and snow in mind ...

The Ruffled Crochet Wristlet is for the beginning crocheter … they are a quick 'n easy project, just in time for cold weather … take a look!

Friday, October 29, 2010

We saved the best for last! The Vilya Beret and Convertible "Glittens" color work accessories for fall!

Why best?  Did you not see the "convertible" in mittens?  The stylish Vilya Beret is complimented by the versatile mittens … the mittens have a flap that folds back over the top of your hand, exposing the your fingers … this is especially useful if you have a cell phone dependency!  Some people are calling them "Glittens", a cross between Gloves 'n Mittens ... clever!

The Vilya Beret and Glitten set is for the more advanced knitter ... the convertible mittens present more of a knitting challenge.

Included in each kit is 1 skein of Lorna's Laces' soft new yarn, Honor (70% Baby Alpaca / 30% Silk: 275yds/100g) sport weight yarn and 1 skein of Lorna's Laces' Angel (70% Angora / 30% Lambswool: 50yds/14g) worsted weight yarn.  Both kits contain the pattern and all materials needed to make each project.

Some of you have asked, "Where did you get the names for the colorwork collection?".  You fans of the "Lord of the Rings" might know.  It's an obscure Lord of the Rings piece of trivia … the 3 Elven rings of power, were named Nenya, Narya and Vilya … you are a real Tolkien fan if you knew that one!

Take a look at all three of my new colorwork hat and mitten projects ... they are fashionable accessories for intermediate to experienced knitters.  The yarn is available in 6 wonderful color sets ... the pictures show the Vilya Beret and Glittens in the color combo we called "Lilac Tree".  You'll love 'em!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The wait is OVER! Addi Lace Click Sets … Now In Stock + Instant Rebate + Free Shipping!

You love the addi Lace circular knitting needles, and have been waiting until the Lace Clicks are actually available to order a set.  The addi Lace Click Set drama is OVER!  We have 'em in stock, ready to ship.

A little history … the Lace Clicks were supposed to be available last spring/early summer.  Problems with the brass coating caused rough edges at the cable/needle join, causing dreaded yarn snags.  Addi and Skacel finally decided to nickel-plate the Lace Click tips just like the Turbos ... yarn snagging problem solved.  So if you love the shape of the Lace circulars, and like the smooth finish of the Turbos, here is the best of both needles.  If you must have the brass finish, you should stick with the individual Lace Circular needles.

The addi Lace Click system provides 8 different sizes of addi Lace tips (US 4, US 5, US 6, US 7, US 8, US 9, US 10, and US 11), five different lengths of cables (16", 20", 24", 32" and 40"), and one connector piece which helps to either store stitches or combine your cords ... the new lace 16" and 20" cables are the only ones not compatible with the standard addi Turbo Click tips.

By the way, we have ALL the addi interchangeable Click Sets … the famous Turbo Clicks, the bamboo Natura Click sets and, did I mention the Lace Clicks?!!

All in stock, all with an instant rebate, all with free shipping.  We simply don't know how to make this any better.  Get'em while they last!

Please note that the picture shown features the brass tips. The Lace Set comes with nickle plated tips.  

Friday, October 15, 2010

Looking for Soft? These colorwork alpaca/silk and angora cap 'n mittens are unbelievably yummy!

Some of you may have seen the first in my series of new colorwork hats 'n mitten kits (Nenya) … this set we named Narya, is made of the same soft / yummy new yarn from Lorna's Laces, called "Honor" and "Angel" (bunny fluff)!

The Narya Cap and Mitten set is the easiest knitting of the collection ... the cap is knit in the round using stockinette stitch with simple colorwork bands featuring an easy picot edge.

Included in each kit is 1 skein of Lorna's Laces' Honor (70% Baby Alpaca / 30% Silk: 275yds/100g) sport weight yarn and 1 skein of Lorna's Laces' Angel (70% Angora / 30% Lambswool: 50yds/14g) worsted weight yarn.  Both kits contain the pattern and all materials needed to make each project.

Take a look at all three of my new colorwork hat and mitten projects ... they are fashionable accessories for intermediate to experienced knitters.  The yarn is available in 6 wonderful color sets ... the pictures show the Narya cap and mittens in the color combo we called "Blue Iris".  You'll love 'em!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Try the versatile Ella Rae Classic Superwash - Worsted Weight Yarn - 20% Off !

We have tons of Ella Rae's "Classic Superwash" basic worsted yarn in 50 colors ... ready to ship! This 100% wool yarn holds stitch definition beautifully and is machine washable … perfect for any project.

You say you're looking for project ideas? Take a look at the "Knitting at Home" book by Leanne Prouse. This book features 60 classic knitting designs, all knit in worsted weight yarn. There is a lot of variety, everything from tea cozy(ies), to mittens, socks, sweaters, even some felting projects. Fair warning ladies ... don't try to felt the Classic Superwash, it ain't gonna work (I have a flair for the obvious)!

Compare this yarn to Cascade 220 Superwash yarn ... same gauge, same yardage, better price … more yarn for your buck … you decide !!! Take a look at the Ella Rae Classic Superwash!

Worsted weight not your gauge? Try the Ella Rae Classic Superwash CHUNKY! Not on sale, but drop a note or call, maybe we can work somethin' out!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Is it a Felted Pumpkin Hat?

You have no idea how many people see this pumpkin in the store, and ask "Is it a Hat?"  I usually tell them it’s just a decorative felted pumpkin.  But then I ask … "If it was a hat, would you wear it?".  I have found only one person who said she would ... to a Halloween party.  Must be some party! 

Anyway, the felted Connecticut Pumpkin is an inexpensive knitting kit, just in time for Halloween.  If you have never done felting, this is a perfect project to give it a try … easy to knit, and if you slip a stitch, or miss gauge, the felting will hide the mistakes and it's JUST A PUNKIN!

The finished pumpkin is about 8" tall (including the stem), and 12" in diameter.  Knit on US 10.5 circulars and double point needles, it is an intermediate skill level pattern.  The kit has just the right amount of orange (pumpkin) colored yarn, and green yarn for the stem.

For those of you who must have a pumpkin hat, or think it would be a hoot at your Halloween party, the pattern can be easily modified to fit your 'noggin.  Maybe your significant other would wear it?!!  Take a look and make one for the party!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Going out, wearing jeans, and 'wanna dress it up a little? How about a lacy scarf?

Okay, I'm going out with my significant other for dinner, it's a nice cool fall evening, and I want to dress up a casual pair of jeans and a blouse … bling is not the answer.  I have made tons of scarves, but most are the wintery, keep warm variety.

So I poked around, grabbed about 400 yards of dressy lace weight yarn and a pair of US 5s and put together the Ella Lace Scarf.  This is not your first or second scarf ladies … the pattern combines garter stitch with a beautiful lace pattern … probably for the experienced knitter.  It's a perfect project for early fall when the weather may still be warm, and you are looking forward to cool fall evenings.

The pattern and the 50% wool/ 50% silk yarn is in my newest kit … in 4 lacy fall colors! … Take a look at the Ella Lace Scarf Kit and let me know what you think!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Silky Wool XL … great new yarn and huge discount … 25% Off!!! Sale Extended through September 30th!

Need a knitting project for fall?  Here’s your solution … a new book of elegant sweater designs by legendary knitter, Elsebeth Lavold, featuring her new yarn, Silky Wool XL.  "Silky Wool XL" is a worsted weight blend of 20% silk and 80% wool in 12 tweedy colors!

Check out our Project Ideas page for a couple of the sweaters featured in the new book … maybe your favorite guy would like the Melbourne sweater for Christmas? 

We have extended our sale, and slashed the yarn price from $9.00 a ball to $6.75, a 25% discount!

Check out the post below to see a few of the awesome colors!

Let us know what you think about the sweater designs, the new yarn, or even the hunk in the picture!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Featured Yarn of the Week: Silky Wool XL - 15% Off!

Elsebeth Lavold's "Silky Wool XL" yarn is a wonderful blend of silk and wool. The worsted weight version of the fabulous yarn, Silky Wool, this yarn also features 12 beautiful tweedy colors and is soft and smooth to work with. Perfect for any cold weather garment or accessory!

  Check out Silky Wool XL!

15% Off this week only! Get your yarn now, while quantities last! 15% Off!

Be sure to check out Elsebeth Lavold's Pattern Book 21: The City(e)scapes Collection featuring gorgeous patterns using Silky Wool XL!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

FiberWild! Colorwork Hat and Mitten Collection

 Nenya Hat Kit

With a wide color band, a few garter ridges and some bobbles, the Nenya Hat has something for everyone. The look is a little more city than country … it's warm and very comfy to wear!

Nenya Mitten Kit

Knit with detail and colorwork on the cuffs, these mittens are a perfect project for the new or experienced colorwork knitter. Knit them on 2 circular or on 4 double point needles … they will become your favorite mittens! Pair with the matching hat and you're ready for anything!


Both kits contain the pattern and all materials needed to make each project.

Included in each kit is 1 skein of Lorna's Laces' Honor (70% Baby Alpaca / 30% Silk: 275yds/100g) sport weight yarn and 1 skein of Lorna's Laces' Angel (70% Angora / 30% Lambswool: 50yds/14g) worsted weight yarn.


Two great projects for intermediate to experienced knitters. Available in 6 awesome colors sets!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Featured Yarn of the Week: Dove!

This weeks featured yarn is Tahki Yarn's Dove!

Tahki Yarn's "Dove" is a wonderful blend of wool, alpaca and nylon. Super soft, light and airy this yarn is also warm and features a slightly felted appearance. Its good stitch definition makes it a great yarn for knitting or crocheting!

Check out Dove!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Featured Yarn of the Week: Kid Seta Lux!

This weeks featured yarn is Schulana's Kid Seta Lux!

 Schulana's "Kid Seta Lux" is a soft and airy yarn that features a pretty sparkle. This unique yarn works well on its own or when knit up with another yarn.

Check it out!