Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The wait is OVER! Addi Lace Click Sets … Now In Stock + Instant Rebate + Free Shipping!

You love the addi Lace circular knitting needles, and have been waiting until the Lace Clicks are actually available to order a set.  The addi Lace Click Set drama is OVER!  We have 'em in stock, ready to ship.

A little history … the Lace Clicks were supposed to be available last spring/early summer.  Problems with the brass coating caused rough edges at the cable/needle join, causing dreaded yarn snags.  Addi and Skacel finally decided to nickel-plate the Lace Click tips just like the Turbos ... yarn snagging problem solved.  So if you love the shape of the Lace circulars, and like the smooth finish of the Turbos, here is the best of both needles.  If you must have the brass finish, you should stick with the individual Lace Circular needles.

The addi Lace Click system provides 8 different sizes of addi Lace tips (US 4, US 5, US 6, US 7, US 8, US 9, US 10, and US 11), five different lengths of cables (16", 20", 24", 32" and 40"), and one connector piece which helps to either store stitches or combine your cords ... the new lace 16" and 20" cables are the only ones not compatible with the standard addi Turbo Click tips.

By the way, we have ALL the addi interchangeable Click Sets … the famous Turbo Clicks, the bamboo Natura Click sets and, did I mention the Lace Clicks?!!

All in stock, all with an instant rebate, all with free shipping.  We simply don't know how to make this any better.  Get'em while they last!

Please note that the picture shown features the brass tips. The Lace Set comes with nickle plated tips.  

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