Friday, July 22, 2011

Whirling . . . Purling . . . Swirling! ... and a Special Offer!

What one-piece, one-seam garment is designed to whirl around the body with a drape that flatters women of all shapes? A Swirl, of course!

“Knit, Swirl!” by Sandra McIver is a remarkable new book that contains 18 patterns for these unique swirl jackets. The basic concept is a series of concentric rings that create the collar, lapels, front and lower back, with one seam that runs from cuff to cuff to create the arms, front bodice and back neck.

Sound complicated? It’s not! Most of the designs require only basic knitting skills ... the first couple of chapters are chock full of tips and tricks that will ease your journey.  Four different Swirl silhouettes are explained – pick the style that best suits your own body’s silhouette.

Can’t decide which pattern or colors? No problem! Our friends at Mountain Colors Yarns have put together a kit for the “Coat of Many Colors” featured on the cover of the book, in three yummy colorways: Poppy, Sunflower or Blue Flax.  Each kit uses nine subtly different Mountain Colors hand painted yarns to create this wonderful coat.

Here is the best part ... we're making it easy for you with a special offer! When you purchase the Coat of Many Colors Kit, we will include the book FREE!   Bonus: shipping is FREE (did I say free too many times?).  You get the idea ... buy the kit, get the book and shipping FREE ... while supplies last!  Click Here for Details!

Start knitting now so you're ready to swirl with the first falling leaves of autumn!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Go formal or go casual! Create an elegant shawl that works with an evening dress or a pair of jeans …

Knitting takes us back in time to our grandmothers who knit before us - regardless of whether your own grandmother sat in front of the fireplace knitting or was too busy to ever actually pick up a pair of needles. Franklin Habit's (photographer and knitter extraordinaire) latest creation was created in memory of his own maternal grandmother - Giovannina (read more about her on Franklin's blog - The Panoptican).

Giovannia Bua Palmeri, 1960s
The Giovannina stole has the formal ornateness of an Italian grandmother's "frontroom," at the same time it exudes a modern style that will make you look great in a comfy pair of jeans. The yarn is Skacel's Filigran ... a single ply merino wool that is buttery soft and has terrific drape. I like the simple elegance of the Filigran forest green color, but if green isn't your thing we have a great selection of other colors to choose from!

The construction is based on the method used by Orenburg lace knitters: the shawl is knit in one piece with the edging knit at the same time as the center. This technique allows the pattern to be adapted to any width or length that you choose. Best of all, when you're done you are done! ... none of the dreaded "I'm done except for the edging!"

Read more about Franklin's inspiration for this shawl, and be sure to checkout the lacy pattern and Filigran yarn ... a perfect project for summertime knittin' and fall nights on the town!