Monday, September 24, 2012

Cheer for 20% off SimpliWorsted Yarn and Free Patterns!

Rah! Rah! Rah!  It's football season - so let's all cheer for 20% off SimpliWorsted yarn and free patterns!

Double Coverage Mittens
Football season is in full swing, and before you know it, it's going to be frosty!  With memories of last year's crisp winter wind in mind, I knit a simple two-color hat and scarf set to go with the warm, buttery-soft SimpliWorsted yarn.  Then I got carried away and knit a matching mitten pattern! The Double Coverage Hat, Double Coverage Scarf, and Double Coverage Mittens each require two skeins of yarn, one of each color.

We carry over 50 SimpliWorsted colors - but choosing your team colors has never been easier! The creative team at Skacel have matched the great SimpliWorsted colors to your city's team colors, so getting the right colors is a snap!  The numbers in the swatches on the cheat sheet match the SimpliWorsted yarn color numbers.  Scroll through the SimpliWorsted page, or search "SimpliWorsted" and the color number in the search box to go right to your color.
Double Coverage Hat
and Scarf

Bonus: Get a free "Double Coverage" pattern with purchase of two skeins of SimpliWorsted yarn!  Let us know whether you would like the hat/scarf pattern or the mitten pattern in the "Comments Section" during checkout! We will e-mail you the pattern of your choice when we ship your yarn. Free patterns are available through the end of October!

So what are our favorite colors?  We have a rather intense in-store rivalry!  Nicki, Vera and I knit with Green Bay's green (SimpliWorsted color 50) and gold (57), Sean and Karen prefer Chicago's blue (55) and orange (51), and Wendi stays out of the feud by knitting with Kansas City's red (16) and gold (57).  Suzy always thought the Rams was a silly name for a football team, since her sheep are so docile ... until the first time she was hit by a ram and was very sore and bruised the next day!  Now she thinks the Rams must be very tough!

Happy Knitting!   Amy

Monday, September 17, 2012

Coat of Many Colors OR Coat of One Color - Plus a Free Book - Kits Start at $179!

The classic Coat of Many Colors
in Mountain Goat yarn
Last summer we announced an awesome deal - buy the Coat of Many Colors yarn kit and get the book "Knit, Swirl!" by Sandra McIver for FREE plus shipping for FREE!  The Coat of Many Colors kit has been so popular that we're making that deal even better!

This summer we worked with author Sandra McIver and our friends at Mountain Colors Yarns to take one of the most popular jacket designs in the book to a whole new level.  We are now offering three great options for the Coat of Many Colors pattern - and they ALL include the FREE book and FREE shipping:
Not bold enough for you? . . . . . 
Create the coat in one color for a
simpler, more tonal colorway.

Too bold for you? . . . .
Have you read "Knit, Swirl!" yet?  The book contains 18 patterns for unique swirl jackets.  The basic concept is a series of concentric rings that create the collar, lapels, front and lower back, with one seam that runs from cuff to cuff to create the arms, front bodice and back neck.  Sound complicated?  It's not!  Most of the designs require only basic knitting skills ... and the first couple of chapters are chock full of tips and tricks that will ease your journey.  Take a peek at the book at Amazon - but remember you need to order the kit from FiberWild! to get the book for FREE!

 . . . .  Already have the book?  Just call - we can give you store credit for your book!

The Coat of Many (or One!) Colors is perfect for your fall knitting!  Happy Knitting! 


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

International Crochet Day - Put a Hooker on Every Corner!

The Melange Scarf Kit is
soft and light as air!
Hey crocheters - Wednesday, September 12th is International Crochet in Public Day.  Let's celebrate with a Hooker on Every Corner!

Here's your chance to flaunt your crocheting stuff!  

  • Crochet in public!  Just plop down anywhere - at the library, at the mall, or in the break-room at work!
  • Start a new project!  The Melange Scarf Crochet Kit is a soft blend of mohair and silk, and the Pin-Me-Up Scarf is a fun, quick project - plus it comes with a great shawl pin!
  • Teach someone else to crochet - or learn to crochet yourself!  I have beginning crochet classes every month.  There's still time to sign-up for the Saturday, September 22 class or the Saturday, October 27 class.  Or, get the Learn to Crochet Kit to teach yourself at home.  
  • Treat yourself to some new hooks!  I love the comfort of the addi Swing Crochet Hooks
  • Teach yourself (or someone else)
    how to crochet with the
    Learn to Crochet Kit
    Sharpen your skills or learn a new technique with a new crochet book!
  • Visit our Crochet Center for all kinds of crocheting loot!
Have a great day - and keep on hookin'!