Friday, November 16, 2012

Feeling Thankful

Once a year it does us all good to sit back and think about what we really are thankful for.  For me, I'd have to say sheep, alpacas, goats and other furry creatures that help keep us warm, modern medicine, good friends that love us despite ourselves, cats and kittens, and, of course, my husband Sean.
The newest addition to FiberWild!, Rowan!  

Walking around the shop I asked the rest of the crew what they were all thankful for:

Wendi is thankful for a great job in a knitting store where she gets to play with lots of yarn ... and for plenty of cuddle time with the office kitty! 

Nicki is thankful that she lives so close to work that her "commute" is a 30 - 60 second walk, especially since her new boyfriend lives an hours drive away.  She's also very thankful that her dog gets along with cats!

Scout's not sure he's thankful for Rowan yet ...
Vera is thankful for juicy slices of turkey, a steaming blob of garlic mashed potatoes, all with rivers of gravy flooding over it.  Yummy food coma ... Ice cream, definitely ice cream.  Maybe cookies, too ... and kittens ... and cats that act like kittens!

Suzy is thankful that she can spend her days tending to her children and her sheep - and still do her Fiber Wild! database work after the barn is quiet for the night and the kids are in bed!

Karen is thankful for her new grand-baby.  Wanna see some pictures?

Sean said he was thankful for good friends, warm kittens, single malt Scotch, cold beer, low maintenance employees, being able to live in the country, ageing very very very gracefully, and his lovely wife.  Funny how he listed me last!  This caused some back-pedaling and protests of "But not in that order!  You didn't say to put them in order!"  I should be getting some flowers or a really nice dinner out soon.

Have a great Thanksgiving!    Amy

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