Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine Special - Romantic Noro Yarn is 20% Off!

Colors lined by hand and ready
for carding at the Noro factory
Nothing says "romance" like Noro yarns!  The bold colors are dyed first, then laid out in color lines by hand and blended together to produce the fantastic colorways that make Noro yarn so distinctive. And what better way to enjoy the fabulous colors then with yarn that is 20% off!

The Noro factory is in Japan, and "Noro" is the name of the company founder, Eisaku Noro.  The Japanese are known for their attention to detail, and that trait shows through in the yarn.  Eisaku notes that when new yarns are created, the designers work with their eyes closed to fully concentrate on the texture of the fibers.

Picking colors at
the Noro factory
We have 11 different varieties of Noro at FiberWild!, including:
  • Kureyon, the popular self-striping 100% wool.
  • Kama, the super-soft wool, silk, alpaca, kid mohair and angora blend.
  • Taiyo Sock, the single-ply blend of cotton, wool, silk and nylon.
  • Shiraito, the super-fine, buttery soft, cashmere and angora blend with just a hint of wool.
Check out all of the Noro choices - you'll find you can't pick just one!

Noro Taiyo Yarn
Looking for a project?  Noro has patterns specifically designed to show-off the stunning colors and striping. 

Cupid said to choose a few and treat yourself to a soft and yummy, no calories and always the right size, Noro yarn.

The 20% off sale ends February 28th - so make your selection soon!

Happy knitting . . . . . Amy

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