Friday, April 12, 2013

Toe Up, Top Down, Save High, Spend Low

The Jibber Lace Sock Kit
Knitting socks is fun, and my favorite way to start a sock project is with a sock kit!

All of our sock kits are on sale for a limited time for 20% off ... but shop fast!  Some of our kits have discontinued colors, so they are only available while supplies last.  Our sock kits include the pattern and enough yarn to complete one pair of socks.

Do you like to knit toe up and try the sock on as you go, or are you a top down traditionalist? Toe up socks are great because you can knit until you use up all of your yarn and top down socks are the more classic style and some even find them easier. Here's a few of my favorite Toe Up and Top Down Sock Kits!

Arched Gusset Sock Kit
Toe Up Socks
The delicate Arched Gusset Sock Kit is a challenging sock with cables, lace and a twist on sock construction with a gusset on the top of the foot instead of the sides of the heel.  Not for the faint-of-heart!  The Galena Sock Kit mixes lace panels with simple cables for a sock that looks elaborate, but the four-row pattern repeat is simple to knit.  The yarn is variegated in harmonious colors that will highlight the pretty lace pattern.

Top Down Socks
Suzy the Shepherdess' Sheep!
The Jibber Lace Sock Kit features a lacy pattern and a soft fingering weight yarn in fun variegated colors. And if you're tired of lacy socks with intricate patterns, try the traditional Stockton Sock Kit.  The simple pattern is knit in a worsted weight, 100% wool yarn that knits up quickly.  You'll also like knowing that the yarn was locally grown - and each skein's label includes a photo and the name of the sheep that produced it!

Prefer to pick out your own yarns and patterns?  We didn't forget about you!  We also have a good selection of sock yarns on sale.  Pick out a pattern, choose your yarn from the sock yarn sale page, and you're good to go!

Happy knitting!       Amy

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