Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Liberty Wool Print - Great Yarn, Plus a FREE Pattern!

Liberty Wool Print in Stained Glass
It is a Cloudy Dawn day under a Bronze Sky when I sip my Fruit Flavored drink and kick some Red Hot Blue embers into the Campfire, wishing I was beside a Caribbean Tidepool, or maybe under Majestic Mountains gazing out over North Sea Whitecaps . . . 

Am I drinking while typing?  Writing a trashy romance novel?  No!  I’m using as many Liberty Wool Print color names in a sentence as  I can.  Ok, so maybe the sentence doesn’t make any sense – but I sure am mentioning a lot of pretty colors!

Liberty Wool Print is Classic Elite's soft worsted weight, machine washable 100% wool yarn.  It is a self striping yarn in a huge assortment of awesome colors.  We have over 30 colors to choose from 

Bonus:  Select one of the new colors revealed this month and you'll get 10% off!

Any Great Patterns? Besides the zillions of worsted weight patterns available, Classic Elite has published two pattern booklets, Accents and Palette, and now the patterns in each pamphlet are available as an individual electronic download!  These patterns are designed to take advantage of Liberty Wool Print's self striping.  Get the whole booklet, or choose individual patterns. 
Bobble Bind-Off Scarf and Neckerchief
Got any FREE Patterns? Yep, Classic Elite has been hard at work with a set of free electronic patterns. Buy any quantity of the Liberty Wool Print and receive a free copy of a Classic Elite pattern!  The patterns change each month; until Friday, May 10th you can choose between the Bobble Bind-Off Scarf or the Neckerchief.  As soon as we confirm your payment for the yarn, you will find your free pattern waiting for you in your account as an electronic download! 

Any Patterns on Ravelry? We checked ... has over 1,300 projects made from Liberty Wool Print ... the project ideas are endless!

Bold color combinations just not your style?  Do you have a project in mind that is more Plain Jane than Fancy Nancy?  Liberty Wool is the same great yarn as Liberty Wool Print, but in solid colors. 

Happy Knitting . . . .  Amy

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