Friday, August 2, 2013

All Dream in Color Yarns are 20% Off!

Do you dream in color?  Most people say that they do, but your life can be more colorful than your dreams with Dream in Color yarn!  Speaking of color, do you like the color green?  You can save yourself some green because all Dream in Color yarns are 20% off!

Not surprisingly, Dream in Color was started by two women who love color.  They became involved with a school that encouraged creativity and hands-on learning using lots of color.  But why should the kids have all the fun?  Why not spark the same creativity in grown-ups?  They opened a yarn shop, and instead of organizing the store by weight or brand they arranged the store by color.  Crazy, but it worked!  They started dying and experimenting with color in the back room, and two years later their own hand-dyed colors were so popular they closed the yarn shop to devote themselves to dying their Dream in Color yarn full time.

We carry ten different types of Dream in Color yarn.  Some of my favorites:
  • The popular Smooshy superfine superwash merino yarn is super soft and, well, smooshy. (Need a project?  The seamless Airy hat is a free Ravelry download!)
  •  Sometimes you want to get wild, sometimes you want Calm yarn.  The well balanced, single ply 100% wool Calm in deep, full colors is grown, spun and hand-dyed in the good ole USA.
  • Everlasting Sock Yarn in Victoria
    Perfectly Posh Single Ply and Perfectly Posh Sport are a blend of cashmere, soft baby fine mohair,  shiny silk and merino wool for a super soft yarn.  
  • The Everlasting Sock yarn is 100% superwash merino wool with eight plies spun together in a smooth twist, which makes it a very durable and hard wearing yarn.  Don't you hate holes in the toes of your socks?! 
  • The Everlasting DK yarn has an impressive twelve plies of finely spun superwash merino wool that creates an exquisite yarn that is soft and durable.  Knit something for your kids that is ready for some serious play time! 
  •  Wisp is a delicate wisp of  silk and merino in a lace weight that has a slight sheen with a little drape.  Awesome!
  •  The shimmering Starry is a superwash merino wool with just a touch of silver Lurex filament.  You'll be a twinkle toes with the Simply Twisted free Ravelry download sock pattern!
Perfectly Posh Sport Weight in Shy
But which color will you choose?  That's the most difficult part!  We have each yarn's most popular colors in stock, but we can also special order any Dream in Color yarn in over 70 different colors!  Super Cool:  The 20% off sale includes all in-stock colors and special order colors!

So do you really dream in color?  For an in-depth study you can read Do We Dream in Color? Cultural Variations and Skepticism by Eric Schwitzgebel of the University of California at Riverside as published by the American Psychological Association in 2006, or you could just knit!

Happy Knitting . . .  Amy

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