Friday, April 26, 2013

Dragon Wings Shawl - The Exclusive Yarn is 20% Off and the Pattern is Free!

You have probably heard of the HBO series "Game of Thrones."  It's an epic drama where it's not clear who's bad and who's good . . .  especially the dragons!  It's Vera's favorite show, so Vera and I worked up a custom Mountain Colors Yarn color, and a terrific shawl inspired by the majestic dragon named Drogon.

Dragon Wings Shawl Pattern
The circular shawl features flames and scales, with cables for the spines of the dragon wings.  It's knit with Mountain Color's Bearfoot yarn, a soft blend of superwash wool, mohair and a little nylon. The shawl's size is approximately 21” to 23” in diameter, and will take two skeins of the Bearfoot yarn.

Bonus: The Dragon Wings Shawl pattern is FREE with the purchase of the Bearfoot Fire Dragon yarn!

This exclusive yarn color is called “Fire Dragon,” and is available only at FiberWild!  The bold red, black and yellow are the color of Drogon's wings, and the color is also reminiscent of the flames of the funeral pyre where Daenery's three dragons were hatched.

The Fire Dragon color is also available in Crazyfoot and Weavers Wool 1/4s. We DO NOT recommend knitting the shawl with Crazyfoot. We have not knit the shawl in Weavers Wool 1/4s, but if you would like to give it a try, please call the store for some insights!

Daenery with Drogon the Dragon
Click here for more info on the Game of Thrones, story, characters and dragons. (The HBO Site is FLASH, and won't work on your iPad!).  Also, you can Click here for Game of Thrones on RavelryAnd be sure to wear your new shawl when you watch next Sunday!  (Or knit while you are watching!)

You Knit or You Die . . . . .  Amy

Friday, April 12, 2013

Toe Up, Top Down, Save High, Spend Low

The Jibber Lace Sock Kit
Knitting socks is fun, and my favorite way to start a sock project is with a sock kit!

All of our sock kits are on sale for a limited time for 20% off ... but shop fast!  Some of our kits have discontinued colors, so they are only available while supplies last.  Our sock kits include the pattern and enough yarn to complete one pair of socks.

Do you like to knit toe up and try the sock on as you go, or are you a top down traditionalist? Toe up socks are great because you can knit until you use up all of your yarn and top down socks are the more classic style and some even find them easier. Here's a few of my favorite Toe Up and Top Down Sock Kits!

Arched Gusset Sock Kit
Toe Up Socks
The delicate Arched Gusset Sock Kit is a challenging sock with cables, lace and a twist on sock construction with a gusset on the top of the foot instead of the sides of the heel.  Not for the faint-of-heart!  The Galena Sock Kit mixes lace panels with simple cables for a sock that looks elaborate, but the four-row pattern repeat is simple to knit.  The yarn is variegated in harmonious colors that will highlight the pretty lace pattern.

Top Down Socks
Suzy the Shepherdess' Sheep!
The Jibber Lace Sock Kit features a lacy pattern and a soft fingering weight yarn in fun variegated colors. And if you're tired of lacy socks with intricate patterns, try the traditional Stockton Sock Kit.  The simple pattern is knit in a worsted weight, 100% wool yarn that knits up quickly.  You'll also like knowing that the yarn was locally grown - and each skein's label includes a photo and the name of the sheep that produced it!

Prefer to pick out your own yarns and patterns?  We didn't forget about you!  We also have a good selection of sock yarns on sale.  Pick out a pattern, choose your yarn from the sock yarn sale page, and you're good to go!

Happy knitting!       Amy

Friday, April 5, 2013

All Claudia Yarns 20% Off in April

Cotton Ball in Caribbean Blue
If you have never used hand painted yarns, you should try 'em!  And right now is the best time, because we have all Claudia Hand Painted Yarns marked 20% off for the month of April!

Hand painted yarns are like snowflakes.  Skeins of hand painted yarn may all look the same from a distance, but each one is different, unique - and special.  The thrill of knitting by hand is knowing that you are creating a one-of-a-kind piece, and using hand painted yarn adds another layer to the uniqueness.

Claudia Hand Painted Yarns are well known for their fabulous, bold colors:  the bold green, blue and white of Caribbean Blue, the circus fun of blue, pink, orange and yellow in Cotton Candy, the creamy brown, tan and white of Butter Pecan (yes, it is named after Claudia's favorite ice cream flavor), and the brassy brown and red of Copper Pennies.

We carry five different brands of Claudia yarns: 
  • Cotton Ball is a 100% cotton yarn that holds stitch definition well.  It's great for garments, accessories and luxury wash cloths.  
  • Fingering is a light weight 100% Merino wool that is perfect for socks or soft children's garments. 
  • Linen Lace is a fingering weight 100% linen yarn that is machine washable.  You'll love linen's natural drape for lacy shawls and garments. 
  • Linen is a sport weight 100% linen yarn that is machine washable.  Linen naturally softens with use and washing, making this a perfect yarn for garments and accessories.   
  • Silk Lace is a lace weight 100% silk yarn.  Silk's natural sheen will give your lace projects a special glow!
Claudia's Linen in Driftwood
We have 10 to 20 different colors in stock for each yarn, and they are all on sale for 20% off.  That's not enough?  You can also order any of the Claudia yarns in about 100 different special order colors.  Bonus:  All of the special order colors are included in the 20% off sale.  Still not enough?  Double Bonus:  As always, all shipments to the US and Canada over $75 are free!

I invite you to try Claudia's special hand painted yarn - uniquely painted, as Claudia would say, with "Peace, Love, Comfort & Joy!"

Happy Knitting         Amy

Monday, April 1, 2013

Everything della Q is 15% Off!

della Q Agnes Bag
Everything della Q is now 15% off!  Sooooo, what is so special about della Q?

Our friend Della is a little bit obsessed with organization.  Ok, she is very obsessed with organization.  She also likes bold colors, sassy styles and fine silk fabric.  Combine all that together, and you get versatile knitting/crochet organizers and project bags. 

Needle 'n Hook Organizers

All of the della Q's knitting needle and crochet hook organizers contain numbered pockets.  That's right,pockets numbered with neatly typed tabs.  No more trying to remember what size needle you put where!  Just choose your needle case style:
della Q Double Point Duo
  • The Double Point Duo will prevent double point needles up to eight inches long from spilling out all over the floor.
  • The Grand Circular Needle Case will keep all your circular needles neatly organized.
  • The Double Interchangeable Needle Case is perfect for your addi or ChiaoGoo Interchangeable Sets, with 30 numbered pockets plus space for additional tips and cables. 
  • The Lily Crochet Roll has 15 lettered and numbered crochet pockets - and they are wide enough for comfort grip hooks!
  • The Travel Wallet is the perfect on-the-go size with three pockets for circulars or interchangeable cords and five pockets for double points or interchangeable tips. 
  • Not quite what you are looking for?  There are many more della Q knitting needle and crochet hook organizers.
Project Bags
Tired of watching your project fall out of your makeshift bag, needles clanging as they tumble out onto the floor?  Della Q has large knitting bags huge enough to fit multiple projects.  Prefer something a bit more petite?  Check out the small knitting bags and pouches

Are you a Happy Hooker or a Naughty Knitter?  Perhaps you need a bag for your Sock Project or you just want to shout out Shh...I'm Counting!  The Edict Bags are durable cotton drawstring bags that each have a small pocket for your notions on the inside and a smart-alecky phrase on the outside.  These are not your grandma's knitting bags!

Mattie the della Q Cat
But the best thing about Della is that she knows the value of a good office kitten! ... meet "Mattie", Della's helper (Scout wanted me to add this part!)

Happy knitting!      Amy