Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Five Days of Free Shipping "Thanks" to the Mayflower!

"Mayflower in Plymouth Harbor" by William Halsall (1882)
The Mayflower was quite a ship!  Every school child learns that she transported the first colonists to America to start the Plymouth Colony. Those same colonists later celebrated the first successful harvest with the first American Thanksgiving.  Most of us did not learn that before her famous voyage she dabbled in fiber and wine!  Before her trans-Atlantic crossing she was used to sail cross-Channel trading English woolens for French wine.

While we can't trade wool for wine (we would like to, but it's probably illegal), we can offer Free Shipping in honor of the Mayflower's famous voyage and the first American Thanksgiving!

From Thanksgiving Day (November 28) through Cyber Monday (December 2) any order, to any location in the U.S. and Canada, qualifies for free shipping.  Yup, that's including the weekend, so you get five glorious days of free shipping

No special code or coupon is required.  Just fill your online shopping cart, checkout, and your shipping charge will show as $0.00.  Can't get any easier!

Loose the crowds, skip the hassle, and shop from home while wearing your pj's and sipping a hot cup of coco.  Check out our Holiday Central page for some great shopping ideas.   

Enjoy your holiday - and Happy Knitting!     Amy

Friday, November 22, 2013

Road Trip Season!

Over the river and through the woods … let someone else drive so you can knit! Taking a road-trip this Thanksgiving? … a perfect time to tackle one last quick knit gift for the holidays. Our Holiday Central section has tons of great ideas for quick knit gift giving (say that three time fast!).

These are some of my favorite quick knits for knitting in the car:
  • The
    The Jake Hat
    Jake Hat is mostly stockinette stitch, with some color changes to keep it interesting - a great project to knit in the car!  The Jake Hat is knit with Classic Elite's Woodland yarn - a blend of wool and nettles.  You may see stinging nettle plants along the roadside during the summer - I have lots of it in my yard!  The fiber is environmentally friendly, breathable and light, and was spun by Native American for many centuries.  Don't worry, the hat won't sting!
The Lace Edged Hand Towel
The Adrienne Scarf
  • An openwork lace pattern, the Adrienne Scarf is a quick, one ball project.  The glamorous Stacy Charles' Crystal is a dramatic lace weight yarn full of shimmer and sprinkled with sequins.  Warning: This scarf is not for boring wallflowers!  You're going to be noticed wearing this one! 
Check out more quick holiday projects on our Holiday Central page.

Happy Knitting . . . .  Amy

Friday, November 15, 2013

Knit, Swirl Kits - 20% Off!

Coat of Many Colors in Mountain Goat
“Knit, Swirl!” by Sandra McIver is a remarkable book that contains 18 patterns for swirl jackets - a one-piece, one-seam garment is designed to whirl around the body with a drape that flatters women of all shapes.  The basic concept is a series of concentric rings that create the collar, lapels, front and lower back, with one seam that runs from cuff to cuff to create the arms, front bodice and back neck.  Sound complicated? It’s not! Most of the designs require only basic knitting skills, and the first couple of chapters are chock full of tips and tricks that will ease your journey.

If you haven't tried a Swirl Coat yet then now is the time - All of our Swirl kits are 20% Off! ...  and you get FREE shipping for the kit!

The hardest part is deciding which Knit, Swirl Kit to make first!

Nine Colorways
The Coat of Many (or just One!) Color:  Choose a range of your favorite colors and enjoy working them together in an ever-changing waves of color and intensity - or go for the Coat of One Color and enjoy the subtle change from one welt to the next.  The coat on the book's cover is the Coat of Many Colors pattern in the "poppy" (red) colorway in Mountain Goat yarn. This flattering coat has become a classic!  We have three options for you:
Plum Perfect in Mountain Goat
Plum Perfect:  The plum color takes center stage, until you notice the jewel toned bands tucked within the folds of this velvety soft jacket.  The Plum Perfect pattern was a favorite - until the yarn was discontinued.  We have worked with Sandra McIver to redesign the Plum Perfect jacket in two Mountain Colors yarn combinations.  And it doesn't have to be "plum" to be Plum Perfect - there are four colorways to choose from!
Plum Perfect in Alpaca Blend & Twizzle
Click here for more Plum Perfect pictures!

Don't have the book yet? We've got plenty of Sandra McIver's Knit, Swirl! books in stock and it's also on sale at 20% off!

Don't forget to order now while all of our Swirl kits are 20% off, plus you'll get FREE shipping!

Happy Knitting!        Amy

Monday, November 11, 2013

New addi Click Starter Kit - Plus $25 in Click Rewards!

So many addi Click Interchangeable sets to choose from . . . how do you decide which set is best for you?  Wouldn't it be great to try them all?  Well, now you can!

We have teamed up with our friends at Skacel to create the Exclusive FiberWild! addi Click Starter Kit.  It's got all of the great features of the original addi Starter Kit - plus more - at the same price!

addi Click Starter Kit
The original addi Click Starter Kit includes:
  • 1 pair of addi Click Turbo tips - size US 7 / 4.50 mm
  • 1 pair of addi Click Natura (bamboo) tips - size US 8 / 5.00 mm
  • 1 pair of addi Click Turbo Lace tips - size US 6 / 4.00 mm
  • 1 24" addi Click cord
  • 1 cable connector
The new FiberWild! addi Click Starter Kit includes all of the above plus:
  • 1 pair of addi Click Turbo Long Lace tips - size US 5 / 3.75 mm
  • 1 32" SOS lifeline cord
  • Quality packaging in various colors
  • A $25.00 Click Rewards Card
The FiberWild! addi Click Starter Kit, including all of the cool extras, is still just $49.95, the same price as the original!

A Click Rewards Card is like Free Money!
What is a Click Rewards Card?  Your Click Rewards card is worth $25.00 off any complete addi Click Set. Choose from the addi Click Turbo (Basic), Lace, Long Lace or the Natura (Bamboo) Sets.  (The Click Rewards card expires on January 31, 2014 - so don't lollygag!)

What is an SOS Lifeline Cord?  If you need to pull out stitches, a lifeline prevents you from pulling out too many stitches - you can pull as far as the lifeline but no further.  There are a number of different ways to insert a lifeline (See Michelle Hunter's video lesson on inserting lifelines).  One way is to tape the waste yarn to your needle and then drag it along as you knit.  A good concept, but the reality is that the tape snags your yarn and slows you down.  The SOS Lifeline Cord is a cable with a slit in it to hold your waste yarn as you drag it along - no need to tape it!  The SOS Lifeline Cord is so easy to use that if you are particularly paranoid on a complicated pattern you can insert a lifeline in every row!

Want it for FREE?  We are celebrating the 12 Days of Christmas with 12 free FiberWild! Exclusive addi Click Starter Kits!  Enter your name and e-mail address (scroll down to the bottom of the Starter Kit page to enter), and every day from December 1st through December 12th we will pick a winner to receive the FiberWild! Exclusive addi Click Starter Kit for free! 

Start your test drive of the addi Click needles!  And Happy Knitting!


Friday, November 1, 2013

It's National Knitting Month - Get 20% off all Mountain Colors Yarn!

NaKnitMo!  NaKnitMo!   


November is NaKnitMo (National Knitting Month).  All you have to do is knit!  You can count your stitches for the month (visit the NaKnitMo Ravelry group for details on the 30,000 stitches challenge), make a pledge to knit a bit every day, or finish an unfinished project.

Mountain Goat
How are we celebrating National Knitting Month at FiberWild!?  With a sale, of course!  For the month of November, all Mountain Colors Yarns and patterns are 20% off. That includes all in-stock yarn, 98 special order colors, and FiberWild! exclusive colors! Patterns are available as printed pamphlets or electronic copies.

November is the perfect knitting season!

Baby Hat and Socks Pattern
Great Timing!  The holidays are just around the corner, and while you could knit your Christmas gifts right up until the stroke of midnight on Christmas Eve (and who hasn't done that!), it's far more pleasant to finish your holiday knitting early.  Looking for some quick projects you can finish this month?  Check out our Holiday Central page for Quick Knits for Him, Quick Knits for Her, Quick Knits for the Home and Quick Knits for Kids and Babys.

Dragon Wings Shawl

Keep Warm!  As the days get colder and darker, it sure is nice to have a large project laying on your lap to keep you extra warm!  Start a big project like the Dragon Wings Shawl (and the Mountain Colors Yarn Fire Dragon Bearfoot yarn is 20% off!).

Knit, Swirl! Book
New Year's Resolutions!  If you haven't completed the New Year's Resolutions you set in January, there is still time before the end of the year!  Did you resolve to start a Swirl coat?  You can get the book "knit, Swirl!" by Sandra McIver for FREE when you purchase the Coat of One Color Kit or the Coat of Many Colors Kit. If you already have the book, we're happy to offer you $34.95 in rewards points instead!

Happy Knitting . . . Amy