Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Two New Liberty Wool Print Colors! Plus ALL Colors are 20% Off!

Liberty Wool Print in Rodeo
Ever been to a rodeo?  The earthy browns together with the flashy reds, purples, blues and greens of the cowboys' vibrant star-spangled costumes and the clever rodeo clowns.  Liberty Wool Print's newest color, Rodeo, captures the excitement and flash.

If your tastes are better suited to a mellow sunset than a traveling rodeo, then Sunset Frost is the color for you.  Combining the orange and yellow of a sunset with the blue, purple, gray and green of a morning frost, Sunset Frost is a relaxing, soothing color.

Three Great Patterns!
Liberty Wool Print is Classic Elite's soft worsted weight, machine washable 100% wool yarn.  Yup, that's right, I said machine washable wool.  It is a self striping yarn in a huge assortment of awesome colors.  Rodeo and Sunset Frost are the two newest of over 35 colors of Liberty Wool Print!

Bonus:  For a limited time all Liberty Wool Print - not just the two new colors, but all Liberty Wool Print - is on sale at 20% off!

Liberty Wool Print in Sunset Frost
There are soooooooo many options with worsted weight yarn, how will you choose a project?  Well, we're making it easy for you with a FREE pattern!  Buy any quantity of Rodeo or Sunset Frost and choose the fun Liberty Wool Headband, the casual Slouchy Fair Isle Hat, or the dramatic Sawtooth Edge Scarf for FREE!

Caution:  While we do suggest knitting with Sunset Frost as you watch a sunset through a frosty window, we do NOT recommend knitting with Rodeo (or any other yarn) while riding a bucking bronco!

Happy Knitting . . . . Amy

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Mountain Color Yarns newest FiberWild! Exclusive Color - Slate!

Interrupted Rib Scarf in Slate
Slate.  Even the word is masculine.  It makes me think of rocks, granite, and tools.  Slate is the name of Mountain Colors' newest FiberWild! exclusive color.  And just as the name implies, it is a masculine color - a simple blend of blues and grays without any foo foo or silliness.

The new color is available in two great Mountain Colors yarns:  Alpaca Blend and CrazyfootAlpaca Blend is a blend of superfine alpaca and soft wool, for a sturdy, but soft medium weight yarn.  Alpaca Blend is perfect for almost anything:  sweaters, scarves, hats, mittens.  Crazyfoot is a superwash wool and nylon blend in a superfine weight - great for socks, children's garments, or any other lace or fine gauge project.  Bonus:  Buy either yarn in the color Slate and you'll save 20%!  

Bonus:  Buy Alpaca Blend in Slate and you'll get the Interrupted Rib Scarf pattern for FREE.  Knit with two skeins of Alpaca Blend using US 7 straight (or circular) knitting needles, it's a quick knit in a simple ribbed pattern.  No scalloped edging, no lacy pattern, not even any fringe - this scarf is all man.  The scarf will look great on your special guy, and because it's a ribbed pattern that doesn't need blocking, it will still look great after he comes in from shoveling snow and throws it in a heap on the floor. 

Crazyfoot in Slate
The Interrupted Rib Scarf will not work with the Crazyfoot yarn - the gauge is all wrong.  But I suggest the Fishtail Hollow Sock or the Maffit Sock for a lacy (Fishtail Hollow) or cabled (Maffit) feminine twist on the Slate color in Crazyfoot - because we ladies look super in blues and grays, too!

So who is our cute new model?  Some stud we imported from Ralph Lauren or Armani?  Nope, it's our own employee Matt.  Matt works on our computer programing, and with an office full of mostly women, it's nice to have a young man around for manly jobs like carrying boxes or moving office equipment.  Matt thought Sean was kidding when he said he wanted to use him as a fashion model for our men's patterns.  His photo shoot went great - and now Matt's wondering if he should hire an agent!

Happy Knitting . . . .  Amy

Interrupted Rib Scarf in Slate

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day - With FREE Shipping!

We love yarn.  You love yarn.  What better way to celebrate Valentine's Day than with more yarn to love!

This Valentine's Day (Friday, February 14) we will celebrate our love of yarn with FREE shipping on all orders within the U.S. and Canada.  There is no minimum order, no special code or secret handshake.  Just place an order at on V-Day and your shipping cost will be $0.

Mmmmm . . . Chocolate
Are you a chocoholic?  We have over 60 yarns named chocolate! Sample a classic taste of Knit One Crochet Too's machine washable bamboo and nylon blend Babyboo in Chocolate, Ella Rae's 100% superwash wool Classic Chunky in Chocolate, and HiKoo's cotton, bamboo and silk blend CoBaSi and CoBaSi Plus in Chocolate Milk.  Or pamper yourself with a more exotic flavor like Jojoland's 100% cashmere Cashmere Sport in Chocolate, Dream in Color's merino wool and cashmere blend Classy with Cashmere in Chocolate Night, or Claudia Handpaint's shimmering 100% silk Claudia Silk Lace in Chocolate or Chocolate Cherry.
Classic Chunky in yummy Chocolate

All of our chocolate yarns are guaranteed to be calorie-free, they contain no nuts (we have nuts working in the store, but no nuts in our yarn), and they will melt in your hands!

Happy Knitting . . .  Amy

Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Colors of Noro - All 25% Off!

Designed by Elle Tricote

Noro yarns are well known throughout the knitting world for the company's incredible devotion to yarn and their phenomenal colorways. During the month of February, we're celebrating this with a 25% off sale on all Noro yarns and patterns!  This includes the individual patterns from Noro's Fall 2012 and Spring 2013 magazines, now available as downloadable PDFs!

Designers love Noro yarns for their extraordinary colors - and so do we!  Many variegated yarns are spray painted with dye - but not Noro yarn.  Instead the fiber is dyed in individual colors, then each color is manually laid out on the carder.  The result is a richer, more vibrant color.

The Noro factory is in Japan, and "Noro" is the name of the company founder, Eisaku Noro.  The Japanese are known for their attention to detail, and that trait shows through in the yarn.  Eisaku notes that when new yarns are created, the designers work with their eyes closed to fully concentrate on the texture of the fibers.

Preparing the Carder at Noro.
All animal fibers used in Noro yarns are from certified organic farms.  Noro is personally involved with inspecting all aspects of production, from visiting the animal farms to checking the machinery used to insure that the process is as eco-friendly as possible.  By doing as much by hand as possible, Noro reduces the friction and heat that the yarn is exposed to, preventing damage to the enzymes in the fibers while reducing the impact on the environment.

What incredible devotion to their yarn!

Happy knitting . . . . . Amy