Friday, May 30, 2014

Smokey Bonfire and Afterglow Ease You Into Summer - And They're 20% Off!

Afterglow is what's seen just after sunset, when the sun is gone but there is still a colorful glow in the sky.  Liberty Wool Print has captured the yellow, pink and orange fading to green, brown and gray perfectly with their new color, Afterglow.  The brilliance of the day fading to the calm of the night, Afterglow is both exciting and soothing.

Smokey Bonfire
Smokey Bonfire is more subdued, with a smidge of orange smoldering into purple, brown, gray and blue in a warm, autumn blend.  Smokey Bonfire is a great yarn for fall sweaters and accessories - and if you start now you can knit leisurely without early morning frost pressuring you to knit faster!

Liberty Wool Print is Classic Elite's soft, worsted weight machine washable 100% wool yarn.  Yup, that's right, I said machine washable wool.  It is a self striping yarn in a huge assortment of awesome colors, and Afterglow and Smokey Bonfire are the two newest of over 40 colors of Liberty Wool Print!
Baby Cardigan & Easy Pullover

 Looking for a project worthy of these two new colors?  Classic Elite has made it easy with two new patterns that look great in either yarn: the Baby Top-Down Cardigan and the Easy Two-Color Pullover.  Buy any quantity of Afterglow or Smokey Bonfire and you can choose one pattern free!

Bonus:  ALL Liberty Wool Print - not just the two new colors, but ALL Liberty Wool Print - are still on sale at 20% off. The 20% off sale is a limited offer that is going to end soon!

Happy Knitting . . . . Amy

Friday, May 23, 2014

Jump for Joy with Jilly and Jilly Lace - and Save 20%

Linden Street Shawl in Jilly
FiberWild! has over 350 brands of yarn - and yet only three of our brands start with the letter J!  Doesn't that make you jump with jubilant joy!  The lowercase j was the medieval Roman numeral for 1, the uppercase J is the symbol for Jack when playing cards, and if you play Words with Friends you know that a J is worth a whopping 10 points! And right now two of our letter J yarns are on sale at 20% off, Jilly and Jilly Lace.

You may remember Jilly's debut in March - for the first month of its release Jilly was available only at FiberWild!  Dyed by Dream in Color, Jilly is a fingering weight single ply, light merino superwash wool yarn that is exquisitely soft.  The new Jilly Lace is the same soft merino superwash, but in a fine lace weight.

Jilly Lace in Amethyst
Dream in Color is famous for their colors - and Jilly and Jilly Lace are no exceptions.  We have lots of Jilly and Jilly Lace colors in stock, but either yarn can also be ordered in 50 additional special order colors. Both in-stock colors and special order colors are on sale at 20% off!

Classy in Cool Fire
At the other end of the spectrum, we have over 60 yarns that start with the letter C!  One of my favorite Letter C yarns is Dream in Color's Classy yarn.  The name is appropriate, the yarn is a classic: a medium weight superwash merino wool that is spun and uniquely dyed right here in the USA in a hefty 250 yard skein.  Any project, whether it's colorful mittens or a unique sweater, will look classy in Classy.  Dream in Color calls it their signature yarn, and Ravelry has almost 20,000 projects posted in Classy.  We have lots of colors in stock, with over 100 special order colors.  Wow - that's a lot of "Dreamy" colors!

Even classics can be improved!  The new version of Classy is now softer and more vibrant.  Don't be fooled by others selling the older Classy at discounted prices.  You want the new and improved Classy yarn available at FiberWild!  Bonus: for a limited time only get the new Classy on sale at 20% off!

Happy Knitting . . . . Amy

Friday, May 16, 2014

20% Off Everything addi!

What are your addictions?  Chocolate?  Coffee?  Game of Thrones?

But what are your addictions?  What are your favorite addi products?  Hard to choose, but you really don't have to pick a single favorite because right now, for a limited time, and I do mean limited, everything addi is on sale at 20% off!

Double Point Needles
When we say everything addi, we do mean everything addi: interchangeable Click Sets, circular knitting needles, double point needles, straight needles, crochet hooks, and all of their fun notions like the cute Bear Needle Huggers and the must-have needle gaugeEverything is 20% off!

It is hard for me to pick a favorite, but if I had to pick my absolute favorite addi product then the best I could do would be to limit it down to my top two favorites:

Turbo Rockets

Imagine taking a classic addi Turbo fixed circular needle and adding extra pointy tips (like the addi Turbo Lace tips) ... the result is fast knittin', and we mean rocket-fast!

addi Turbo Rockets
The Turbo Sock Rockets needle sizes are US 0 (2mm), 2.25mm, US 1 (2.5mm), 2.75mm and US 2 (3mm).  Then knitters started asking for the Turbo Sock Rockets in larger needle sizes.  Skacel listened!  The addi Turbo Rockets come in twelve larger sizes from US 3 (3.25 mm) through US 13 (9.0 mm).

Both the Turbo Sock Rockets and the Turbo Rockets are available in three cable sizes.  The 24" cable will work wonderfully in pairs, and the 32" and 40" cables are perfect for the Magic Loop method (watch Michelle Hunter's video lesson on the Magic Loop if you haven't tried it yet).

Click Sets

There is absolutely no better interchangeable needle set than the addi click set.  Each Click Set includes the needle tips, at least three lengths of the new, extremely pliable blue cord and a connector piece (the Lace tips have five cords).  You don't need any tools to change the needle tips, just insert the cord, twist and release - and the very smooth join won't snag your yarn!

Which Click Set is right for you?
Can't decide?  People often ask me which Click Set will be best for them, but the decision is very personal and you really do have to try them all.  So go with the FiberWild Exclusive addi Click Starter Kit and get all four needle types, a standard cable, an SOS Lifeline cable, and a cable connector.  Try them all, make your decision, then buy your own set!

Enjoy this terrific addi sale . . .  and Happy Knitting!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Big Rowan's Big Rowan Sale

Do you celebrate half-birthdays?  We do!  Rowan the kitten is a year and a half old.  Except, he is not a little kitten anymore - he is a big bundle of trouble!  Seventeen pounds and still growing - time for a sale that is as big as he is!

Rowan entered the store - and our lives - as kitten about five weeks old.  He started out living at the store, then moved to our home when he was old enough to be on his own.  Except he wasn't on his own - while we were working at the store he was home with our cat Scout (the famous cat in the red sweater), and together they were knocking books over, crawling into closets, and having all sorts of "fun."  Rowan and Scout became fast friends.  Our intention was to only keep him long enough to find a suitable home for him, but Scout - and Sean and I - decided he was a keeper.

Summerspun in Greenwich
What we couldn't decide on was his name, so last year we held a contest on our Ravelry site and on our facebook page to name him, and "Rowan" was the winner!

So how do we celebrate a big kitty with a big sale?  First, we marked all Rowan yarns and pattens 20% to 25% off.  That's almost 40 yarn brands!  Then, we marked down discontinued yarns even more - up to 40% off!  That will make you purr!

Some of my favorites:
  • He's a chunky kitty, so lets start with All Seasons Chunky, a machine washable cotton blend that's great for sweaters and other garments.  It's super bulky and, well, chunky!
  • Alpaca Chunky is a fun super bulky yarn that is 98% alpaca for an amazingly soft comfortable yarn. 
  • Everyone looks good in a halo!  Angora Haze is a super fine, super soft angora with a wonderful halo, plus a little bit of polyamide for added strength.  Add a touch of luxury to a sweater or super soft mittens you won't want to take off!
  • If a smaller halo is more appropriate for you, Kid Classic is a medium weight blend of lambswool and kid mohair.  It has the softness of mohair, with a smaller halo, plus wool for added strength and warmth. 
  • Bring on summer fun with Summerspun, a 50/50 stranded blend of wool and cotton that has a fun texture in great colors. 
Rowan Magazine 55
And patternsOh, the patterns!  There are over 25 pattern books to choose from.  That's right, books.  Not the little eight page pamphlets, the Rowan books and magazines contain from 50 to 190 pages of great patterns, color photos and important tips.  And all are 20% off!

So sing Happy Birthday to our kitty Rowan, while working on your Rowan masterpiece!

Happy Knitting . . . . Amy


Friday, May 2, 2014

Happy Thoughts - And a Rosy Delight!

Rosy Delight
Think Happy Thoughts!  Rainbows, unicorns, fluffy kittens, sunbeams - and a rosy delight.  Rosy Delight makes me happy because it's a happy thought and a great new yarn!

Rosy Delight is Liberty Wool Print's new color for the month.  The new color is suitably named - a cheerful blend of pink, purple, gray, red and orange that can't help but brighten your day and make you smile.  :)

Liberty Wool Print's second new color is Teal Chameleon.  Chameleons re known for their bright colors and their ability to change colors to blend into their surroundings as camouflage or to exhibit emotions.  Liberty Wool Print's new Teal Chameleon is a bold blend of green, purple, yellow and blue - you certainly won't blend into the background with this color!

Liberty Wool Print is Classic Elite's soft worsted weight, machine washable 100% wool yarn.  Yup, that's right, I said machine washable wool.  It's a self striping yarn in a huge assortment of awesome colors.  Rosy Delight and Teal Chameleon are the two newest of over 35 colors of Liberty Wool Print!

Teal Chameleon

Wrapping yourself in a Rosy Delight sweater would be like cocooning yourself in a rainbow of happiness, and wearing a sweater in Teal Chameleon is like wearing your emotions on your sleeve (pride - that you made such a great sweater!).  So here is your chance to do just that!  Buy any quantity of Rosy Delight or Teal Chameleon and you can choose a FREE pattern - the Deep Rib Cardigan or the Raglan Cardigan.

Bonus:  For a limited time all Liberty Wool Print - not just the two new colors, but all Liberty Wool Print - is on sale at 20% off!

Happy Thoughts, and Happy Knitting! ... Amy