Friday, September 5, 2014

MCY - Any Mountain Colors Yarn, in Any Color, is 20% Off!

Mount Everest, the highest peak on earth
If you stacked up all of Mountain Color Yarn's yarns it would make . . . a mountain!  We have 27 of Mountain Color Yarn's most popular yarns in stock, and each one is available in 101 colors.  That's 2,727 available yarns for the math geeks in the crowd.  For the rest of us, it's just a mountain of yarn!

Right now we have everything Mountain Colors Yarn on sale at 20% off!  Great deal!  So what's not included?  Where is the fine print?  There isn't any.  All of our Mountain Colors Yarn is on sale!

Special Order Colors On Sale Too!
We have 27 of Mountain Colors Yarn's most popular yarns in stock, in lots of colors - on the shelf and ready to ship.  But Mountain Colors Yarn has over 100 colors to choose from, so stocking every color in every yarn is close to impossible. But if you want a yarn / color combo we don't have in stock, you can always Special Order it and get fast delivery.  So what is the extra fee for the Special Order colors?  Zero.  They are the same price as the in-stock colors, and right now all Special Order colors are 20% off!

River Wash Sport in Azalea Garden
Two New Yarns - River Wash Sport & Winter Silk
It's hard to pick a favorite MCY yarn, and now the ladies at Mountain Colors Yarn have made it even more difficult by adding two more yarns.  River Wash Sport is a 100% Superwash merino wool, a wonderfully versatile machine washable wool that is great for any sport weight project.  Winter Silk is a worsted weight 50/50 blend of wool and silk.  The wool adds warmth and strength, while the silk adds sheen and a little drape. 

Perspective Pack
Perspective Yarn Packs
With so many color options available, whittling it down to a few harmonious colors for your project can be overwhelming.  No worries!  The ladies of MCY have done the hard part for you!  The Perspective Packs are delightful little packs of five mini skeins of coordinating solid colors of the new River Wash Sport yarn.  Each mini skein is 70 yards for a total of 350 yards per pack - the perfect size for a vibrant striped scarf or a colorful pair of mittens!

FiberWild Exclusive Colors
Ok, we're color junkies, we admit it.  It's not enough to have all of MCY's colors - we want more!  So every few months we come up with a new color combination, and the ladies of MCY create a new color exclusively for FiberWild!  And we're not satisfied with just one yarn, we need two or three different yarns for each new color.  The inspiration continues as I design a few pattens to compliment the yarn and the new colors. 
Snow Tree Yarn

Click below for more info on our exclusive colors, yarns and patterns ...

    Wood Smoke Cowl in two Exclusive Colors!
    Snow Tree Yarn and the Enchanted Tree Shawl
    Knit a "Slate" Scarf for your Guy ... Perfect!
    Spumoni Ice Cream Shawl and Socks!
    Dragon Wings Shawl and Fire-Dragon Yarn
    Horseshoe Cable Hat and Wristlet Kit

Not only is the yarn 20% off, but the associated FiberWild pattern is free with the purchase of any exclusive yarn!

The "Knit, Swirl" book
Knit, Swirl Kits - 20% Off!
The award winning “Knit, Swirl!” book has become a classic. The book features 18 patterns based on a unique concentric ring design concept, thus the “Swirl!”

Two popular jackets from the book, the “Coat of Many Colors” and “Plum Perfect,” are available as kits in a variety of Mountain Colors yarns and colorways. We also have the “Coat of One Color.”  Just as much fun but a little less flashy, the “Coat of One Color” features the same “Knit, Swirl” pattern with only one color of Mountain Colors' Mountain Goat yarn ... at a value price.

These kits make a perfect fall project or a great gift for your favorite knitter.


Happy Knitting . . . .  Amy

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