Friday, October 3, 2014

Here Comes the Bride!

Wendi and Ben
If you stopped by the store on the Saturday of Labor Day Weekend you met our second-stringers, Deb and Suzy.

So why were Deb and Suzy running the store that Saturday?  Because everyone from FiberWild! was at Ben and Wendi (aka Bendi's) wedding!!!

Wendi works in customer service, so you may have talked to Wendi or received an e-mail from her if you've had a question on our yarns or pattens.  She is also quite an artist, and is in charge of our awesome website graphics!

Wendi in the Country Fair Hat
You may recognize her face as our model for the Country Fair Slouch Hat pattern.  Wendi wears a knit cap all the time so she was a natural choice for our pattern model. I was extremely happy to see that the bride did not wear a knit cap at the wedding!

Deb, a long-time customer at the store, is also a pattern designer.  When she came in one day venting that she hated her job and had just quit - I hired her on the spot!  Deb is an expert on yarns of all types and a non-stop knitter! She's an excellent assistant to help you make your yarn choices in the shop. 

Suzy, also known as Suzy the Shepherdess, does most of her FiberWild! work from home maintaining the customer database.  She spent the day as the "Yarn Monkey", running up and down the stairs fetching yarn. 

The Kiss!
Wendi truly looked fabulous!  She wore a knee length ivory dress with a gorgeous lace overlay, and carried pink garden flowers with matching live flowers in her hair.  The wedding was outdoors in a casual ceremony at Grant Park in Galena, and the weather was wonderful!  It couldn't have been a better day!

Be sure to stop by the store or send a note with best wishes to the new bride!

Happy Knitting . . . . Amy

Walking back down the isle after the ceremony.
Wendi's photographer was Andy Koulouris, and the wedding photos are copyright ARK Photography.

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