Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Not a Knitter? Visit Anyway!

FiberWild! has an amazing amount of yarns and patterns - a great place for knitters and crocheters to shop.

But what if you are not a knitter or crocheter? Visit Anyway!

You'll find:
  • Hand-made knit and crochet garments for EVERYONE to enjoy!  We have one-of-a-kind hand-made hats, scarfs, mittens, shawls and sweaters on hand, specially made by our own local knitters. 
  • Knit Kits.  Buying yarn as a gift can be intimidating - no matter how pretty the yarn is!  Our knit kits contain a pattern and just the right amount of yarn, all packaged into a flawless gift for your fibery friends.
  • Gift Certificates! Tell your knitting and crocheting friends how great FiberWild! is, and then give them a FiberWild! Gift Certificate that they can use in the store or online.  You get to share your discovery of a perfect yarn store, and they get to select the yarn that suits them best.  Always the right size and color! 
  • Ready to Learn?  If you're not currently a knitter or crocheter, we can help you become one!  Join one of our one-day Introduction to Knitting or Introduction to Crocheting workshops!
I look forward to meeting you - whether you are a knitter or not!

Happy Knitting . . . . Amy

Friday, December 26, 2014

After Christmas Sale

by Norman Rockwell, 1922
Did you get cash or a FiberWild! Gift Certificate for Christmas?  Lucky you!  It's time to decide how to spend it . . . and now you can make that gift money stretch even farther with our After Christmas Sale!

Remember the old days when an "After Christmas Sale" meant nothing but the hideous Christmas decorations and left-over ugly wrapping paper that stores weren't able to sell in time for Christmas?  Well, that's not the case with this sale!  In addition to our usual great deals on our Sales & Outlet, we have over 20 new yarns on sale especially for our After Christmas Sale. 

A few of my favorite yarns include:

American B.R.A.N.D. yarn
The After Christmas Sale runs thru Sunday, January 4th - shop before it ends and get the most out of your gift money!

Happy Knitting . . .  Amy

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Happy Holidays!

The shopping, decorating and anticipation has all come to its peak:  Christmas is here!  Merry Christmas!

Holiday Wishes:
  • Good times and great memories with family and friends
  • Peace and health in the new year
  • Completed Projects - We hope you finished all your holiday knitting before Christmas Day!
The store will be closed on Christmas Day while Sean and I and all of our staff enjoy the holiday!

A note to procrastinators: 
E-mail Gift Certificates can be ordered up until noon on Christmas Eve!  It's not too late!

Merry Christmas & Happy Knitting . . . . Amy

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Holiday Central - Gifts for Knitters

Dream Club December Cowl
By now you are (or should be) knee-deep into your holiday knitting, working your fingers to the bone finishing hand-made gifts for those you love.  But what about gifts for you?

Non-knitters can be intimidated when buying gifts for knitters.  It's not enough that yarn comes in different colors, it also comes in different fibers and weights.  We've made it easy to get some perfect gifts for knitters and crocheters with the great ideas at Holiday Central - and especially the Gifts for Knitters and Crocheters, Stocking Stuffers and Gift Certificates tabs.  Just pass the links (or this blog) along to those who may be shopping for you.  We suggest you prod them with a gentle little reminder, such as "HEY!!!  Look here for some great gift ideas for me! Hint, Hint, Hint!"

Gifts For Knitters and Crocheters ...
  • First determine
    della Q Lena Bag
    if she is a knitter or a crocheter.  The two are very different, and while many people do both most prefer one over the other.  If you're not sure (or if she does both) I suggest the Dream in Color December Dream Club kit.  The kit includes two cowl patterns - one knit and one crochet - plus enough yarn to complete the project.  The kit has only been available since December 1st, so you know it's not something that she already bought for herself years ago. 
  • You've probably noticed that knitters carry around a lot of stuff!  The della Q bags are specifically designed with knitters in mind - sturdy bags that won't tip over and include small pockets for needles and a big pocket for your pattern.  And they're stylish!  The Lena bag is a great bag for traveling, and the Agnes bag is huge enough to get just about everything inside. 
  • If you often see your knitter using circular needles (a cable with a needle at each end), then surprise her with an interchangeable set.  ChiaoGoo's new 4 inch sets are a great choice.  The Spin sets have wooden needles that swivel, and the Twist sets have stainless steel needles.  The hot, new addi Rocket Clicks (aka Lace Long Tip Sets) combine the fantastic addi Rocket needles with interchangeables.  Give us a call and we can help you decide which set your knitter would prefer.
  • addi Rocket Clicks
  • Befuddled by interchangeables?  The FiberWild! Exclusive addi Click Starter Kit is a combo-platter offering a sample of all the different addi interchangeable tips available.  Let her test drive all the addi varieties to see which she likes best!  (Plus once you know which set she prefers you'll have a great gift idea for her birthday, anniversary, Valentine's Day . . . )
  • The "Knit, Swirl" book by Sandra McIver presents 18 designs for a "swirl" coat that flatters all figures and is fun to knit!  We've created Knit, Swirl yarn kits for the two most popular designs, the Coat of Many (or One) Colors and Plum Perfect
  • Great things come in small packages!  All of our Stocking Stuffers are less than $25, and quite a few are just $5. 
We offer free shipping on orders over $75, but you also have the option to use a faster delivery service if necessary.  Don't forget to check out shipping deadlines on our website!

Plum Perfect Knit, Swirl Coat
Not real confident that the gift you bought is the right one?  We are happy to work with you to make sure the knitter in your life is happy!

Still not sure?  A Gift Certificate is always the right size and color!  Get your knitter a Gift Certificate, and then let her loose in the store or online to pick out exactly what she wants!  And procrastinators can rest easy . . . e-mail Gift Certificates can be ordered up until noon on Christmas Eve and still arrive in time for Christmas!

Feel free to call the shop for help and questions when shopping for your knitter. 

Happy Knitting . . . . Amy

Friday, December 12, 2014

Night of the Luminaria

This Saturday (December 13) Galena will light up the night with its annual Night of the Luminaria from 6 to 9 pm.

Modern luminaria usually consist of a small candles inside paper lunch bags weighted with sand, the simple bags trace their history to ornate, hand-cut Chinese paper lanterns.  Spanish merchants were intrigued with the Chinese paper lanterns, and when they returned to Spain they created the simpler version.  The Spaniards used the lumineria along the walkways of their homes to help lead the spirit of the Christ child into their home at Christmas time. 

Luminaria are beautiful in almost any setting, but Galena's over 5,000 candle-lit luminaries along the streets, steps and walkways of Galena's steep hills and riverbank create one of the most beautiful and romantic visions of the year.  The old fashioned charm of Galena is enhanced by the unforgettable magical glow whether you are strolling along Main Street or pausing at a high point to take in the view.

We will be closing at our usual 5 pm closing time.  I think Sean and I will take a walk and enjoy the annual event ... be sure to say hello if you bump into us!

Relax and enjoy the beautiful night this Saturday - And Happy Knitting . . . . Amy

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Whatcha Knitting?

The Pucker Up Cowl
Around the store we often greet other with "Whatcha knitting?"  We chat (and yes, even brag) about what knitting projects we are working on at home, and of course this time of year we are all frantically knitting our holiday projects.  I thought I would share some of them with you ... 

Nicki's knitting the Basic Toe Up Adult DK Socks in Mountain Color's Bearfoot yarn.  The Basic Toe Up sock is a fast, simple knit that's great for beginning sock knitters and experienced sock knitters too.  She won't tell us who the socks are for, but I think the simple unisex design would look great on that new man in her life! (She doesn't kiss and tell!)

Buttonhole Scarf
Nicki's also knitting the Pucker Up Cowl, one of our newest patterns - and the pattern is free with the purchase of Filatura Di Crosa's Superior yarn!  Superior truly is a superior yarn - a brushed blend of cashmere and silk with a lovely halo.  Vera is also knitting a cowl with Superior, she is free-styling without a pattern! (You Go Girl!)

Suzy's knitting the Buttonhole Scarf for her mother, a cute scarf with a nifty "buttonhole" to keep the scarf in place.  A few years ago Suzy made her mother the Bow Tie Scarf, a very similar pattern that also features a buttonhole.  Her mother has a new winter coat this year and has very strongly hinted that she simply must have a new scarf in a different color to match the new coat.  Suzy's using her own Suzy the Shepherdess Shepherdess Worsted 100% wool yarn. She began with the cream color and then used grape Kool-Aide to dye it a vivid purple. 

Star Crossed Cowl
The store's new bride, Wendi, is knitting the Star Crossed Cowl in Dream in Color's Jilly yarn, a fantastic single ply fingering weight yarn in superwash wool.  Fuss-free and warm, Jilly is available in over 50 colors.  If she wanted to, Wendi could make two or three Star Crossed Cowls for every woman in her new extended family without duplicating any colors!

Wendi is also knitting the Neon Ski Bonnet, a free Ravelry pattern.  The stocking hat has a double thickness band over the ears with ties at the neck to keep it on the head no matter how fast you ski!  She is using HiKoo's Kenzie, a slightly fuzzy blend of merino wool, angora, alpaca, silk and nylon - and Kenzie is on sale at 20% off!

Karen's knitting with Jilly too, doing the Fall Colors Wrap - another free pattern!  The three-color wrap can be knit with any of Jilly's over 50 colors.  Karen is using the limited edition fall colors Ginger Ninja, The Great Pumpkin and Swamp Thing.  They look great together - and the three new colors are on sale at 20% off!

Fall Colors Wrap
Amber and Jessie are still learning how to knit.  We've suggested they take one of my fun beginner classes.  You don't have to know how to knit to work here (both are in the shipping department), but it makes it a whole lot more fun if you do!

Gradient-1 Shawl
As for me, I can't get enough of the Mountain Colors Yarn Twizzle Gradient packs, a three-pack of the same color in a light, medium and dark skein.  I'm knitting the Gradient-1 Shawl as a gift (and - Shhh! - I'm also designing a Gradient-2 Shawl pattern!).

We are all having fun with our holiday knitting projects.  I hope you are too!

Happy Knitting . . . . Amy

Thursday, December 4, 2014

After-Holiday KAL Knitting - Kenzie Yarn 20% Off!

I'm sure you are in the midst of your holiday knitting ... deciding who on your gift list is hand-knit worthy and selecting your patterns and yarn - then knitting every free moment!  But have you given any thought to your January knitting?  Well, you need a plan!

Once the holiday hustle is over it will be time to settle down and knit something for yourself.  It's always more fun to knit with a friend, and our friend Michelle Hunter has stepped up to the plate with the latest Michelle Hunter Knit Along: "The Endgame Scarf". 

We don't know exactly what the scarf will look like - that's the fun part of a mystery knit along - but Michelle has promised gorgeous cables and calls the scarf "a classic, yet modern, scarf" in a unisex design.  Michelle will introduce a cast on and bind off technique that is new to the series, so you can learn some new skills while creating your scarf.

Kenzie in Hebes (Pink)
Never done a KAL?  It's easy ... Michelle will reveal the pattern on her website in four segments, starting on Thursday, January 1st - the perfect way to start out your new year!  How much does it cost?  Nothing!  You don't have to register or pay any fee to participate. You may even win some cool prizes from SkacelHave a question?  No problem, Michelle posts photos and online video instructions, plus you can post questions on Michelle's KAL site or in her Ravelry group. Questions are typically answered daily.  It's like having a knitting tutor right by your side!  And it's OK to get video help at 3 am - perhaps your grandmother isn't so accommodating! 

So what do you need?  We've got that covered . . .

Kenzie Yarn - 20% Off!
Kenzie in Tahake (Blue)
You'll need 3(4) skeins of Kenzie yarn by HiKoo, all in the same color.  Have you tried Kenzie yet?  It just may be the perfect tweed.  Kenzie is a blend of New Zealand merino, angora and alpaca to lend softness and body, nylon which adds strength and fun silk noils that create a delicate texture and color accents. The smooth, round 3-ply yarn knits into a cohesive fabric that blooms when wet blocked. The angora haze is just fuzzy enough to lend a cozy feel, but not so fuzzy that it will obscure any stitch patterning.  Kenzie is available in 30 brilliant colors - and we've got all of them on sale at 20% off!

You'll also need 10 yards of waste yarn in a contrasting color and a weight similar to Kenzie.  Look through your stash!  If you did the Fiber Factor Bravura cape or the Fiber Factor Plaid is the New Black shawl then you may have some left over Kenzie. 

You'll need a US#6 (4mm) and a US#7 (4.5mm) or the sizes needed to obtain gauge.  I prefer the addi Turbo needles, but ALL of our addi needles are on sale at 20% off.  Choose your favorite between the addi Turbos, aluminum, bamboo, plastic or the beginner-friendly Linos

Kenzie in Wombat (Brown)
You'll also need a cable needle and a tapestry needle.

Give us a call if we can help you with your yarn, needle or notion selections!

Now that your January project plan is all set, you can get back to work on your holiday knitting!

Happy Knitting . . . .  Amy

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

To Knit or To Crochet: The December Dream Club Kit

"To Knit or to Crochet . . ."
William Shakespeare's Hamlet famously asks "To knit or to crochet, that is the question . . . "  Ok, so maybe that's not exactly what he said, but it is a question I've often asked myself:  Do I want to start a knitting project next, or should I start a crochet project? 

Well, you don't have to decide with Dream in Color's Dream Club exclusive December yarn and pattern.  This month's kit is a snugly cowl by Melissa Leapman with two patterns: "Alexandra" is the knit version and "Andrea" is the crochet version.  Both create a perfect accessory for those snowy days to come!  Knit (or crochet) one for yourself, give one as a gift this holiday season, or give the kit to your favorite knitter or crocheter!

Choose the Alexandra Cowl (knit) or Andrea Cowl (crochet)
Here's the best part.  The Dream Club kit colors are exclusively dyed for the Dream Club kits - and when they're gone, they're gone!  December's yarn is Dream in Color's Classy, a 75% superwash merino wool with 25% nylon to add durability.

And the color?  Oh, the color!  December's vibrant color is a fun mix of greens, aquas, blues, purples and yellows.  Yummy!

Each kit includes:
  • Electronic download of the Alexandra Cowl pattern (the knit version)
  • Electronic download of Andrea Cowl pattern (the crochet version)
  • One over-sized skein of Dream in Color's exclusive December color in Classy yarn, which is enough to complete the pattern. 
Dream Club December Yarn
You'll also need a US 9/5.50 mm and US 10/6.00 mm 20" circular knitting needle or a US J/10 (6.00 mm) crochet hook, or the size to obtain gauge.  Needles and hooks are not included in the kit.

(Did you miss the November Dream Club kit?  There are still a few kits remaining - get 'em before they're gone!)

Happy Knitting . . . . Amy