Friday, January 30, 2015

Stone Path Sock - FREE Pattern with Serenity 20 or Serenity Glitter Yarn!

Got stones in your socks?  Nobody likes that.  But stones on your socks?  Now that's cool!

My favorite features in a Zen garden are always the rocks and sand.  The stoic rocks and the changing sand speak of both movement and stillness.  So with that in mind, I created the Stone Path Sock pattern.  The furrows and stones across the top of the foot and angled flutes along the sides will stir images of wandering (in your socks) through a quiet stone garden.

Stone Path Sock Pattern
Knit from the toe up, the Stone Path Sock foot features a rib pattern flanked by lace.  The leg transitions the rib into a pathway which gently flows around simple stone motifs.  Two sizes are provided based on foot circumference using slightly different needle sizes.

The pattern is written for two circular needles, but more experienced knitters will feel confident using other methods. There's nothing in the pattern itself that requires the two circs method.

The socks can be knit in Zen Yarn Garden's Serenity 20 or Serenity GlitterSerenity 20 is a soft and squishy wool blend with a nice helping of cashmere to make it sinfully soft against your skin, plus a little bit of nylon to add durability.  Serenity Glitter is cozy and soft with a dollop of cashmere to add a little decadence and a surprisingly soft shimmer of sparkling nylon that adds glitter and durability to your garment.

Bonus:  The Stone Path Sock pattern is FREE with the purchase of any quantity of Serenity 20 or Serenity Glitter!

Double Bonus:  Both Serenity 20 and Serenity Glitter are on sale at 20% off thru this Sunday, February 1st!

So when you're tired of walking on the wild side, put on your Stone Path Socks for a gentle stroll through a tranquil garden.

Happy Knitting . . .  Amy

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