Monday, March 30, 2015

All Liberty Wool Print 20% Off - Plus a Free Pattern!

1. Magic Carpet Pullover & 2. Deep Valley Cardigan
We're in love with Liberty Wool Print yarn from Classic Elite!  Liberty Wool Print is a soft worsted-weight machine-washable 100% wool yarn in a huge assortment of self-striping colorways.

Thankfully, Classic Elite is in love with Liberty Wool Print too! This year, they're adding twelve new shades to the line, and we're bringing them all to you!  They're releasing two new colorways six times this year - and we can't wait to see them all!

The first pair of new colors are Deep Valley and Magic CarpetDeep Valley is an earthy blend of brown, red, gray, cream and green that brings to mind a secluded valley hidden behind a canopy of trees. Hold the yarn up to your ear - you can almost hear the rustle of leaves as the deer scurry about in the woods.  Start knitting now and you can finish your project in time to wear for Earth Day on April 22nd!

Liberty Wool Print in Deep Valley
Magic Carpet invokes the rich, bold colors of the Orient.  Blue, black, pink, purple, red and brown combine for a magical flight across your needles and dreamy stories of harems, flying carpets, handsome sultans and magic genies.  

What should you knit with the two new colors?  We've got that covered, because with the purchase of Liberty Wool Print colors you can choose a free pattern, either the Magic Carpet Pullover or the Deep Valley Cardigan.  Both are simple designs that let the self striping yarn take the stage.

Want more choices?  We're highlighting Liberty Wool Print's two new colorways, but there are over 40 colorways to choose from!

Liberty Wool Print in Magic Carpet
Bonus:  You can choose the Magic Carpet Pullover or the Deep Valley Cardigan pattern free with the purchase of any Liberty Wool Print colors - not just the two new colors!

Double Bonus:  All Liberty Wool Print colors are on sale at 20% off!

Prefer solids?  Liberty Wool is the solid sibling to Liberty Wool Print.  These 20 great solids look great combined with Liberty Wool Print - or by themselves. 

More Patterns!  More Patterns!  It's easy to find patterns for nice worsted weight yarn.  Scroll down to the bottom of the Liberty Wool Print page for some of my favorites!

When the next two new Liberty Wool Print colorways are revealed (in a month or so) there will be two new free patterns - so be sure to check back!

Happy Knitting . . . . Amy

Friday, March 20, 2015

Give Magic to Your Princess with Abracadabra Color Changing Yarn!

Magic Princess Pattern Set
HiKoo spins fun into their new color-changing Abracadabra yarn! Abracadabra starts out as a natural color ... add sunlight (and a little magic) and the yarn slowly turns either pink or purple!

This yarn is seriously cool stuff! Both the pink and purple start off a natural/white color. The wool is blended with one-of-a-kind UV reactive polypropylene.  When it is exposed to the UV rays of the sun the yarn comes to life, changing from cream to vibrant pink or purple.  Walk inside and the color changes back to natural.

The yarn just makes you want to create! Phantom stripes, ribs, cables, or colorwork appearing and disappearing . . . unique and fun children's clothes or accessories . . . beachwear that has extra pizazz . . . ski gear that will have you dazzling on the slopes . . . let your imagination run wild!

Purse in Sunlight
It is a slightly different gauge, but HiKoo recommends pairing Abracadabra with Simplicity from KiHoo for multi-colored projects.  Having worked with the two together, it does work well.

Purse Indoors
It was impossible to limit myself to just one fun project for this yarn!  The Magic Princess Set is three separate projects: a hat, leggings and a purse to add some magic to your favorite little girl princess.  The knitting itself is quite simple, but if you're knitting indoors, all three yarns will look white - so keeping track of which yarn is which will be important! All three patterns - leggings, hat, and purse - are worked in the round with stripes of pink and purple Abracadabra intermixed with stripes of white in Simplicity.  These simple projects are genuinely adorable in their own right, but then when sunlight hits them … it's MAGIC!!

For your convenience, we have put together pattern sets with all the yarn you need to knit the hat, purse or leggings.  The sets can be purchased individually - or save with the All Three package!

Magic Princess Pattern Set
Bonus:  The pattern is FREE with the purchase of any of the yarn sets. 

Easter is just two weeks away!  Is your little princess wearing a frilly new dress for Easter?  The leggings are a perfect accessory to keep her bare legs warm at sunrise church services or chilly morning egg hunts!

Non-toxic and safe for kids and pets. The polypropylene is dyed with a photochromic dye, which is child-safe and non-toxic. It's the same dye used in color change sunglasses, printed t-shirts, etc.  Our red-sweatered kitty Scout wouldn't stand for anything that wasn't safe for kids and pets!

So who is our little princess?  The Little Shepherdess, Evelyn Craft, daughter of our employee and yarn producer Suzy the Shepherdess.   What a cutie!

Happy Knitting . . . . Amy

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Solar Waves Wrap - Free with Jilly Lace Yarn Purchase

Solar Waves Wrap
What are you going to wear?  Spring is that awkward time of year when it can be downright cold in the morning then sunshiny gorgeous in the afternoon.  So how can you plan what to wear?

Wraps are a perfect springtime accessory!  Wrap it snugly around your shoulders in the chilly mornings and drape it loosely in the warm afternoons.  And the Solar Waves Wrap is like having merry beams of sunshine on your shoulders!  Knit the Solar Waves Wrap in the fiery Hey, Sunshine colorway of Dream in Color's Jilly Lace and you'll be humming along with John Denver "Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy!"

Bonus:  The Solar Waves Wrap is free with the purchase of Jilly Lace yarn!

Never worked with Jilly Lace?  Here is the project you've been waiting for!  Knit with just one skein of Jilly Lace, the lace fabric lets the hand-dyed yarn be the star.  Worked from short end to short end, the entire project is no more complicated than yarn-overs and simple decreases. This project is ideal for even first-time lace knitters!  Seriously, the whole lace pattern is only ten stitches wide and sixteen rows long with front-side only patterning - meaning the YOs and K2togs are only every other row.  So you'll have the stitch pattern memorized before you know it.

Solar Waves Wrap
Dream in Color's Jilly Lace is a beautiful lace weight yarn.  It's an evenly spun superwash merino single-ply that takes dye beautifully and has a lovely sheen when struck by light.  The ladies at Dream in Color hand-dye gorgeous colorways both in "nearly solids" as well as softly blended multis.  I picked Hey, Sunshine for my wrap, but we've got over 30 in-stock colors to choose from as well as an additional 49 special order colors.

Double Bonus:  All Dream in Color yarn, including Jilly Lace, is on sale at 20% off until the end of March!

Knit the Solar Waves Wrap for your spring accessorizing - then wear it all year round as a reminder of spring!

Happy Knitting . . . . Amy

Monday, March 16, 2015

Happy St. Patrick's Day! ... Save Some Green!

Elven Bosk Wrap
It's time for St. Patrick's Day and the wearing of the green!  Are you planning to wear green on March 17th?  How about drinking some green beer?  Or eating some shamrock shaped cookies?

But are you going to knit green on St. Patrick's Day?

Dream in Color's Dream Club Elven Bosk Wrap is not only green, it's also named after elves!  (I realize elves are not the same as leprechauns, but they are both short and have pointy ears!)  The Elven Bosk Wrap is a lovely lace wrap that hints at things you'd find in a secret wooden glen.  The kit includes the pattern and Jilly yarn in an enchanted green and yellow hand-dyed blend.

Bonus:  You'll also save some green - the Dream Club kits are all on sale for 20% off until the end of March.  

Diagonal Rib Scarf in Wisconsin Tango
Wisconsin Tango is a Mountain Color Yarn exclusive color available only at FiberWild!  A bold combination of green and yellow that will especially appeal to Midwest football fans who enjoy eating cheese, the color is available in Alpaca Blend, Bearfoot and Crazyfoot.  The Diagonal Rib Scarf knit in Alpaca Blend is soft to wear and simple to knit.  It's never too early to gear up, especially if you live in Wisconsin!  We've had some great weather in Northwest Illinois for the past couple of days, but the first day of spring is still a week away - and we've had snow in April!  It's not time to put away your winter gear just yet!

Another great yarn is Dream in Color's Starry a 98%  Superwash Merino wool in a superfine weight.  So what's the other 2%?  Lurex, a metallic yarn, which gives Starry its starry sparkle!  Green Lantern is a bold green with silver sparkle, Shiny Moss is a lighter moss green, and Scorched Lime is a variegated green.

Bonus:  Save some green on Starry yarn with our Dream in Color 20% off sale until the end of March!

Starry in Green Lantern
We wish a Top o' the Morning to you and hope for The Luck of the Irish, and May you live as long as you want and never want as long as you live!

Happy (Green!) Knitting . . . . Amy

Friday, March 13, 2015

Join the new Crochet-A-Long - And the Yarn is 20% Off!

CAL in the Pastel Colorway
Remember the remarkably popular Kaffe Fasset Knit Along last fall?  Rowan has planned another project, and this time they asked "Why should knitters have all the fun?"  So put down your needles and pick up your crochet hooks!  Rowan has teamed with designer Lisa Richardson for a mystery Crochet-Along!

You have four projects to choose from: a baby blanket, a V-shaped shawl, a rectangular scarf, and a decorative cushion ... you choose!

The CAL features Rowan's new Summerlite 4 Ply 100% cotton yarn, a soft, beautifully spun 100% cotton with a matte finish. It's machine-washable, so the yarn is ideal for all kinds of projects: child and adult garments, accessories, home decor, and more. Summerlite 4 Ply is available in twelve colors, and Lisa has crafted three colorways to choose from for the CAL - or you can pick your own! Bonus:  The yarn is on sale at 20% off!

So what will the completed projects look like?  We don't know - that's the fun part of a mystery Crochet Along!  Lisa Richardson is often complimented on her "out of the box" designs, and this one is out of the box and into the hexagon!  For this CAL, all four mystery projects are designed using hexagonal motifs of various crochet stitches and color combinations. Each week the pattern for one of the seven hexagonal motifs will be revealed, starting on Wednesday, March 25th. The final projects are created by piecing the hexagons together in different ways.

What will you need?  

Yarn - You'll need yarn!  Lisa has crafted three colorways:
  • Pastel Colorway - Featuring medium pastels, this one is perfect for baby - not too pale, not too dark.  The colors blend so well together you'll keep using it long after the baby has grown up!
  • Vibrant Colorway -  Featuring bright, contrasting summer tones - rosy pink and a medium marine denim shade contrasted with medium gray and aubergine. Certain to be a show stopper over a summer white dress!
  • Vibrant
  • Blues Colorway - You won't be singing the blues with the navy augmented by a pale gray and deep olive - perfect for either fashion or home decor!
or . . . 
  • Pick your own!  Summerlite 4 Ply has 12 rich solids to choose from.  Pick your four favorites and create your own special blend.  
  • Go solid.  Crochet the entire project in a single color for a classic look. 

Hook - You'll need a a US C2 or D3 (3mm) crochet hook.

Notions - You'll also need a tapestry needle and some pins.

Cushion Pad
If you are doing the Cushion Project you will need a hexagonal cushion pad measuring 18″ from center of one side to center of opposite side. If you're unable to find a hexagonal cushion pad, mark out the appropriate size hexagon onto a circular cushion pad and sew along this new outline, trimming away the excess to create a hexagonal cushion pad.

When do we start? Clues will be posted on Rowan's website.  To access the clues, you must register and login to their site. Registering is free. The first clue will be posted on Wednesday, March 25, 2015 and additional clues are about two weeks apart. The final wrap up is on Monday, June 29th. 

Grab your crochet hooks - and get ready to start!  Happy Crocheting. . . . Amy

Friday, March 6, 2015

The Fletcher Sock Pattern - FREE with Yarn Purchase!

Fletcher Sock Pattern
What's more depressing than finding a hole in one of your hand knit socks?  Bummer!  Create longer lasting socks with Dream in Color's Everlasting Sock Yarn!

It's always hard to beat 100% Australian Merino Superwash Wool, but when it's a 9-ply fingering-weight yarn hand-dyed right here in the USA, you're bound to love Everlasting Sock!  The nine plys are spun together in a smooth twist, which makes it a very durable and hard wearing yarn, while Dream in Color's unique hand dying process creates deep, layered colors.

Bonus:  Dream in Color's Everlasting Sock yarn is on sale at 20% off until the end of March!

So what to knit?  Durable socks are going to be around for a long time, so they should be a pattern that is fun to knit and fun to wear!  The Fletcher Sock is both!

Fletcher Sock Pattern
The word "Fletcher" dates back to the early 1400s and means a person who makes feathered arrows.  Fletching a feather to put on the back of an arrow involves slicing the feather down the middle.  It sounds simple enough, but the cutting has to be precise or there will be an incorrect spin to the arrow - which means you won't hit what you're shooting at! Add to that a knowledge of birds - different kinds of birds have differently shaped feathers, plus each bird's feathers differ on the right and left wing. A fletcher was an important and highly skilled tradesman. 

Knitting these socks is much easier than fletching feathers!  The sock has a simple toe-up pattern with an arrow-feather like lace detail on the front and back of each leg.  The comfy and relatively simple socks use just simple decreases, yarn-overs, and a 2 × 2 cable to make the lace arrow feather panels.  You'll need just one skein of Everlasting Sock yarn to complete the pair.

Bonus:  The Fletcher Sock Pattern is FREE with the purchase of Everlasting Sock yarn.

Happy Knitting . . . . Amy

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Sweet Dreams! All Dream in Color Yarn on Sale at 20% Off (or More)!

February Dream Club Kit
Do you dream in color?  Scientific studies say that most people do.  I don't think we need to hire a bunch of scientists to tell us that knitters LOVE color!

So if you love color, then you are in luck!  We have all of our Dream in Color yarn on sale for at least 20% off (some are more than 20% off!).  And the Dream in Color yarn is all about, well, color!

Canyon in Queen's Lake
Dream in Color was started by two women who love color.  And I mean they LOOOOOOOVE color!  They opened a yarn shop and started dying and experimenting with color in the back room.  Two years later their own hand-dyed colors were so popular they closed the yarn shop to devote themselves to dying their Dream in Color yarn full time.  Good news for us!

All of our Dream in Color yarn (even the special order colors!) are on sale through the end of March.  Which ones will you choose?  Here are some of my favorites: 
So keep dreaming in color - and knitting in color, too!

Happy Knitting . . . Amy