Friday, July 3, 2015

Paper or Plastic? Make Mine Cotton!

Crochet Market Bag & Short Handle Bag
Farmer’s Markets just make you feel good. Your heart feels good knowing that you are supporting a local farm family, and your tummy feels good eating picked-that-morning fresh fruits and vegetables. So why ruin that great feeling by shoving your fresh produce into a nasty plastic bag? 

These two market bags in Classic Elite Provence yarn are easy for even inexperienced crocheters and will last for a lifetime. Seriously, they're so easy that you'll want to make several of them … which is perfect since they make excellent gifts for that friend who has everything! Who doesn't need a reusable bag?

We tend to think of cotton as a soft fiber, and certainly cotton cloth can be exquisitely soft. But the tightly spun Classic Elite Provence is also remarkably strong, yet still has a soft feel ... perfect for market bags! Additionally, because it's crocheted, the mesh is quite thick and very durable. Aside from its strength, Provence features a color palette of 15 stunning colors that should please even the most discerning taste.

Crochet Market Bag
Crochet Market Bag
This is THE traditional market bag with some smart details. It has a sturdy bottom and handsome (but not too open) lattice-work for most of the body. That means that you can see what's inside without too much effort, your produce won't get squished, but you're not going to lose your grapes!  The mesh top also makes it faster to crochet and it uses less yarn. It's worked from the bottom up in one continuous spiral with the strap crocheted last.

Short Handle Market Bag
For a sturdier, more solid bag, you may want to consider the two-toned Short Handle Market Bag. The bottom is nice and dense as are the handle and upper rim of the bag, —all worked in a contrasting color. The body, though dense enough to keep all but the smallest objects inside, is worked in alternating rows of tiny eyelets.

Short Handle Market Bag
Both bags are easy to crochet.  They are a perfect project for new crocheters, the gauge doesn't really matter and they will be sturdy, useful bags even if your stitches aren't quite perfect.  Experienced crocheters will fly through this quick pattern and can treat it as a blank canvas - so what if the pattern calls for two colors, you can experiment with three or four colors!

Happy Marketing, and Happy Crocheting . . . . Amy

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