Monday, November 23, 2015

Ancient Luxury with the Byzantine Shawl

The Byzantine Shawl
The Byzantine Empire was in existence from 330 A.D. to 1453.  The empire was the most powerful economic, cultural and military force in Europe.  I think the most interesting part of the Empire's history was their rich and affluent culture, with a great passion for luxury.

Easy to crochet, now you can wrap yourself in the luxury of a Byzantine Empresses with my new Byzantine Shawl!

Empress Theodora of Byzantine
This beautiful crescent-shaped shawl sports a lovely half circle stitch pattern, and you will love the smart border and edging combination!  This shawl looks both stunning and timeless.  The body fabric is an easy-to-follow four row pattern repeat ... a simple increase and stitch-mirroring that runs up the center of the work. There is a handsome, straight-forward double crochet border to frame the body of the piece, and an elegant openwork edging. What makes it all work so beautifully is the combination of stitches and the proportions of the overall shawl.  Plus, it's crochet, which means it's going to work up much faster than a knit fabric of similar weight! 

Byzantine Shawl Border Detail
The shawl is crocheted in Zen Yarn Garden's gorgeous Serenity Silk Single.  It would be hard to find a more beautiful yarn. With Zen Yarn Garden's amazing hand-dyed color and the nice tight twist on this light-weight single-ply yarn, it's one of those yarns that folks just gravitate to in the store. When you touch this yarn you realize that there's a reason merino, cashmere, and silk are considered yummy luxury fibers. Serenity Silk Single is all three in one beautiful package, available in over 35 gorgeous colors.

Byzantine Shawl
Bonus:  The Byzantine Shawl pattern is FREE with the purchase of Zen Yarn Garden's Serenity Silk Single!

Ancient luxury never gets old!

Happy Knitting . . . . Amy

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