Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Save 20% on Malibrigo Yarns!

The Malabrigo Merinos
For the month of December we have all of our Malabrigo yarns on sale at 20% off!

Malabrigo (pronounced maul a-bree go) started when two brothers-in-law in Uruguay began dying yarn in the kitchen in 2005.  Their colors were popular, and they started selling to yarn shops in the U.S., then expanded to Europe.  They soon outgrew their kitchen and started a mill in nearby Montevideo.

Malabrigo strives to be as green a possible in their business.  They have their own flock of merino sheep, and as they have grown they also purchase wool ... but only from Uruguayan farmers who allow their sheep to live free-range through the hills and are herded by actual old-fashioned shepherds.  Once the wool is brought to the mill, it is dyed using solar-powered water heaters.  Their Superwash manufacturing process meets Oeko-Tex standards, which means their yarn is free from harmful substances often found in manufacturing.  Their employees are mostly women, who often have few employment opportunities in Uruguay.

Mechita in English Rose
All of our in-stock Malabrigo yarns are on sale - that's 10 different yarns and a gorgeous array of colors for each one!  It's impossible to narrow it down to my number-one favorite, but here are my top three:
  • Silkpaca - You expect a South American yarn company to have alpaca, but Malabrigo takes their alpaca to the next level by using only the very softest baby alpaca - and then blending it with a bit of silk!  This lace weight natural yarn is so soft and silky you will feel like you are wearing a cloud!  It's thin, but sturdy, with a bit of a halo, too.  
  • Mechita - This single ply 100% Superwash Merino is soft, rich and gorgeously colored!  It's a fingering weight yarn great for cables, lace and textured stitches. 
  • Worsted - Malabrigo's Worsted yarn is just what you'd expect from the no-fuss name: an honest, no-nonsense workhorse of a yarn.  The durable, 100% Superwash Merino yarn works great with anything you wear - think hat, scarves and mittens!
Silkpaca in Bobby Blue
Because all Malabrigo yarns are hand-dyed, be sure to get enough yarn to complete your project.  There is quite a bit of variation between the different lots. That's what makes hand-dyed yarn so unique - but it can also become frustrating when you're nearing the end of your skein before your project is complete!

Why the funny name?  Malabrigo  means "bad shelter."  There is a town named Mal Abrigo in Uruguay, but also a number of other towns with the same name throughout South America.  In the days of travel by horse or on foot, weary travelers needed a safe, warm place to stop for the night.  A Mal Abrigo is a place to stop where people  can sit by warm fires and knit cozy wool hats, sweaters, blankets and scarves!  Exactly the sort of place where I like to be!

Happy Knitting . . . . Amy

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