Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Options Sweater KAL - It has Options! ... and the Yarn is 20% Off!

The best part of a Knit Along is the camaraderie that develops when a group of strangers from all around the world join together to knit the same project.  But do we have to all knit the same project?  No, of course not!  It's good to have options!

So we bring you . . . the "Options" Sweater Knit Along!

Striped Cardigan
First choose to knit either a simple, sand-stitch textured front pullover in a solid color or a striped cardigan.  Want more options?  You can also choose optional waist shaping, select a crew or v-neck, and pick 3/4 or full length sleeves.

You also have a size option - but we're talking about more than a simple Small, Medium or Large.  The sweater was designed by Amy Herzog (not me, another Amy), the author of Knit To Fit and Knit Wear Love.  One of Amy's fit tenets is that a good sweater fits at the shoulders. The knitter's shoulder measurement is as important here as is the bust measurement.  So in order to make this easy, Amy has created this pattern in twelve sizes to make it simpler to pinpoint the optimal fit.

Dust, Volcano & Enamel
And, of course, you have color options as well.  The sweater is knit with Rowan's Pure Wool Superwash DK.  Pure Wool Superwash DK is a 100% superwash wool yarn that is available in 32 great colors.  Pick one color for the solid sand-stitch pullover, or three colors for the striped cardigan.  You have many, many options for the three colors of the striped cardigan - but we've made it a bit easier with five suggested colorways for the striped project.

For the solid color sweater, Amy chose Flint (105), a subtle gray with a hint a blue, and throughout the KAL Amy will be knitting her own version in Grit (109), a stylish olive green.  For the cardigan, Amy chose Dust (110) as the main color with contrasts of Volcano (107) and Enamel (013).

Sand Stitch Pullover
Bonus:  Rowan's Pure Wool Superwash DK is on sale at 20% off!

So where are the completed project photos?  This is not a mystery KAL, after all!  You are welcome to take a peek at the complete project photos . . . except that the photography isn't done yet.  Both sweaters are in England being photographed with Rowan's usual style, and we will post them on the project page as soon as they are available.  BUT, we suspect that this KAL will be ridiculously popular and Rowan will run out of some colors of the Pure Wool DK.  We wanted to get this project to you as early as possible so that you can order your yarn ASAP!

The KAL kicks off on Monday, October 19th!

The pattern will be released in five "progressive" segments, along with other helpful KAL posts on Amy Herzog's blog.  Videos for each segment featuring tips and fit customization guidance from Amy will be posted as well.  You're encouraged to post your progress photos on Ravelry in the FiberWild! and Friends group, the Amy Herzog Designs group, and the Rowan Love group.

One thing that is not an option - the yarn is 20% off!

Happy Knitting . . . . Amy

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Rowan Yarn + Swarovski Crystals = Shine!

Shine Kay Sweater
Swarovski has been designing and creating high quality, naturally brilliant crystals since 1895.  Humans have been spinning fiber into yarn for thousands of years.  So why has it taken so long to get the two together?

We are thrilled to bring you the new Rowan/Swarovski Shine collection!  So what does the Shine collection do?  Well ... it takes knitting to the next level.  Sure, you're still knitting with beads, but instead of ordinary yarn you're using the most luxurious yarns in Rowan's collection, and instead of ordinary beads you're knitting with Swarovski's finest crystals.

The possibilities are endless! ... So Rowan broke them down into two collections.

Shine Wedding Day Dress
The Collections
The Daytime and Evening Collection pattern booklets have something to suit even the most discerning knitting from accessories and jewelry to a classic cardigan and lush beaded tops … even an absolutely breathtaking wedding dress!  You can buy the pattern booklet alone, or choose an individual project and get the PDF.  Each project kit has all of the yarn and beads you need.  Just select your project, yarn colors, and your size.  You can add the pattern to your kit, or not (if you've already purchased the pattern booklet).  We've already done the math and we'll send the right amount of yarn and beads.

We also broke out a special page just for the Wedding Day Dress, because … well, it's a wedding dress … C'mon!

Pre-Strung Beaded Yarn
For those who wish to skip a step or two, Rowan is offering a new yarn called Rowan Kidsilk Haze Shine. This yarn is three strands of Rowan's perennial favorite Kidsilk Haze plied with a strand of cotton and 3mm Swarovski crystal beads every four inches. We've got an entire page dedicated to the yarn and several projects with FREE patterns … check it out!

Shine Diamond Vest
Pencils Down!  Rowan's designers were so excited with the possibilities of combining Rowan yarn and Swarovski crystals that they just couldn't stop designing, even after they were told to stop!  Here are a few extra patterns (with more on the way) that didn't make it into either pattern booklet collection.  Bonus:  The patterns are FREE!

Mix and Match
If you prefer to pick your own beads and yarn, we have pages listing out all of the various Swarovski bead sets and Rowan Shine yarns.  Follow a pattern, or let your imagination run wild and design your own!

It's hard to keep a secret!  We here at FiberWild! have known about the new Shine products for a while, but we just can't keep it to ourselves anymore!  We're announcing it now, but stores will not receive the Shine products until the first week in October. As a result, everything is available to purchase as "Pre-Order" with delivery in early October!

Happy Knitting . . . . Amy

Monday, September 21, 2015

The Winter Berry Cowl Pattern Free with Winter Silk!

Winter Berry Cowl
Berries are just plain fun!  They're little.  They're sweet.  They're all natural and good for you.  And they come in fabulous colors!

So I just couldn't help but name my newest creation the Winter Berry Cowl!  Just like a berry, it's simple and sweet - and very pretty!

The Winter Berry Cowl is an ingenious infinity scarf that is both colorful and warm.  Alternate columns of rib and a staggered rib lace pattern grace this simple cowl with inward-rolling, reverse stockinette edging at the top and bottom.

The Winter Berry Cowl is knit in Mountain Color's Winter Silk.  Winter Silk is a luxurious worsted weight wool silk blend.  The 50/50 blend gives you the best of both worlds - wool adds warmth and strength to this yarn, while the silk adds sheen and a little drape.  It takes two skeins of Mountain Colors Winter Silk to complete the cowl.

Winter Berry Cowl Detail
Bonus:  Mountain Color's Winter Silk is on sale at 20% off!

And then there's the colors.  Mmmmmm.  Mountain Colors is famous for their incredible colors, and it's easy to see why!  Their dyeing process gives you rich mixtures of color that look great in any project!  I knit mine in Harmony Currant.  We've got ten popular colors in stock, and you also have the option of one of 103 additional Special Order colors!

Double Bonus:  The Winter Berry Cowl pattern is free with the purchase of Winter Silk!

Get ready for winter with this berry, berry fun project!

Happy Knitting . . . . Amy

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Shaded Love - A Make Along in Knit or Crochet!

I love Knit Alongs!  But I hate to see the crocheters miss out on the fun.  I also love Crochet Alongs!  But it's too bad the knitters can't join in.  So let's do both!  What do you call it when you host both a Knit Along and a Crochet Along at the same time? . . . A Make-Along!! (MAL)

We are proud to host Lorna Misers's first combination KAL/CAL with the help of the spectacular hand-dyers at Zen Yarn Garden.

Crochet version in Blue Magenta
Probably best known in fiber circles as the founder of Lorna's Laces, Lorna Miser has been a prolific designer since she sold the company in 2003. She's the author of Knit Pink, The Knitter's Guide to Hand-Dyed and Variegated Yarn, and Faith, Hope, Love, Knitting, and her patterns have appeared in several major magazines including Knitter's, Cast On, and Knit 'n Style. She's also done design work for yarn companies such as Brown Sheep, Noro, Cascade, Universal, Blue Sky Alpacas, Willow, and - perhaps obviously - Lorna's Laces.

Our MAL is two versions of a beautiful rectangular lace shawl - one knit and one crochet.  Lorna's truly outdone herself with this design, as both the color and stitch pattern change as you work from the center out.  The skill level you'll need to finish this project is INTERMEDIATE for knitters and crocheters alike.

Known for their rich and lustrous hand-dyed yarns, Zen Yarn Garden has created four custom colorways specifically for the Shaded Love Shawl and available only at FiberWild!  The yarn is their beautiful Serenity Silk Single, an amazing blend of superwash merino wool, soft cashmere, and lux silk.  The four amazing colorways are Blue Magenta, Charcoal Blues, Greenteak, and Mossy Cranberry.  Each colorway has two hand-dyed complementary colors, with a third color (for the center) that was hand-dyed by mixing the two outer colors together.  The result is a well-matched blending of colors.  We packaged kits with just the right amount of yarn, so you will just need one Shaded Love Shawl Make Along Kit to complete either the knit or crochet shawl.

Knit version in Mossy Cranberry
Bonus: the pattern is FREE with the purchase of your kit!

So how does the Make Along work?  It's not a "mystery" Make Along, because we have proudly posted photos of the finished shawls.  No surprises there!  But similar to a mystery project, we are releasing the pattern in four weekly installments on October 8, 15, 22 and 29.  This is to keep us all working along together.  The pattern will be released electronically as a PDF, and your updated PDFs will be available via and Ravelry on each installment release date. Just log in to either account, and the PDF will have been updated by 10am Central Time.

Connect with other Make Along participants on either the Knit or Crochet MAL Thread in the FiberWild! and Friends group on Ravelry where you can ask questions and get help. Questions are typically answered daily. The forums let knitters and crocheters of all skill levels participate and get the help they need from Lorna herself as well as from other Ravelers! Don't be shy … post pictures, comment on posts, tell jokes, and enjoy the camaraderie as we make this project together!

Get your own badge!
How will you recognize your fellow MALers?  We designed badges that you're welcome to use on Ravelry, post on your own site or blog, or print it out and pin it on your shirt as you go about your day to let everyone know that you are in on the fun! Get yours at the bottom of our MAL page.

Happy Knitting, or Crocheting, and MALing! . . . . Amy

Friday, September 11, 2015

September Dream Club in TWO Unique Colorways!

Something Autumnal in Less Variegated
Join the the club!  I mean Dream in Color's Dream Club, of course!  It's the best kind of club, with no membership fees or attendance requirements.  Just a lot of really great yarn kits!

Like many kits, the Dream Club kits include the yarn and the pattern.  But unlike other kits, the Dream Club kits include an exclusive, limited edition yarn that is available only in the kit.

September's pattern is called "Something Autumnal" which is an exquisite lace shawl designed by Romi Hill. This beautiful shaped shawl has a slight curve that will fit gracefully over your shoulders.  It's a pretty and practical addition to your autumn wardrobe.

More Variegated
The September Dream Club is twice as special, because there are two limited edition colorways to choose from!  September's delightful color is a rosy blend of red, pink, and green that hint at the first colors of fall.  You can choose the colorway in a boldly more variegated yarn with distinct red, pink and green areas or the same colors in a less variegated blend with a more subtle change from one color to the next. 

Less Variegated
Both yarn choices are dyed in Dream in Color's lovely Jilly yarn, which is a single ply, super fine, 100% superwash merino wool.  Jilly is great in many projects - but I especially like to use it for lace!

Because the yarn is an exclusive, limited edition yarn you need to order soon - once they're gone, they're gone! 

Psst!  All of our previous Dream Club kits are sold out except the Elven Bosk Wrap (February 2015) and the Sachy Hat & Mitts (November 2014) in stock.  Take a look!

Something Autumnal
So which colorway do you like best?

Happy Knitting . . .  Amy

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Sir Isaac Newton and Zero Gravity Socks

Sir Isaac Newton (1643-1727) was a physicist, mathematician and natural philosopher who was the father of the law of gravity and a key figure in the scientific revolution of the 17th century.  A lot is known about the life of Newton from his letters and the papers and books that he published.  Unfortunately, we don't have any evidence that he was a sock knitter.

Sir Isaac Newton
But if he was, then Newton certainly would have loved our newest Sock of the Month, the Zero Gravity Socks.

For centuries socks have been knit from the top down, and when I started knitting there was no other way to knit socks.  Socks were always knit top down.  Period.  But there is nothing more frustrating than running out of yarn before you've quite finished the second toe, so today many knitters knit toe-up.

The advantage of toe-up socks is that you never have to estimate the amount of yarn for each sock.  Just keep knitting both socks until you run out of yarn!

The Zero Gravity Socks defy gravity with a toe-up pattern - wouldn't Newton be horrified!  They feature inverted staghorn cables up the front and back of the leg flanked by handsome columns of eyelets. On either side is a column of stretchy ribbing to provide the entire leg a bit of give. The overall construction of the sock is remarkably traditional including ample gussets and a basic turned heel with slipped-stitch reinforcement at the back of the heel.  It's a great pattern for the first-time toe-upper, or anyone who likes a traditional sock with the security of knitting toe-up.

Zero Gravity Socks
The Zero Gravity Socks are knit in Claudia Hand Painted Yarns' gorgeous Addiction fingering-weight merino yarn.

Bonus:  The pattern is free with the purchase of Claudia's Addiction yarn.

While we don't know if Isaac Newton was a sock knitter, we do know that he was interested in color.  Newton designed and constructed a reflecting telescope in 1668 and used it to study light, optics and color.  So we can assume that he would have been thrilled with the diverse palette of Claudia's colors.  Claudia offers 38 awesome colorways of Addiction.  It's not enough that this durable machine-washable merino yarn has a nice, tight twist and holds up extremely well after multiple washings, even in socks - it's pretty, too!

I normally don't advise people to break the law, but I encourage you to break the law of gravity with our Zero Gravity Socks!

Happy Knitting . . . . Amy

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Mountain Colors Yarn & Patterns are 20% Off!

Autumn is here!  It's time to knit in deep, saturated colors.  So this is the perfect time for a 20% off sale on all of our Mountain Colors yarn and patterns!

Adult Ski Hat Pattern
We have Mountain Colors' most popular yarns in stock in lots of colors and ready to ship nowWant more?  No problem.  Mountain Colors has over 100 colors to choose from, so stocking every color in every yarn is close to impossible, but if you want a yarn / color combination that we don't have in stock you can Special Order it and get fast delivery.

So what's the extra charge for Special Order colors?  Nothing.  There is no special ordering fee, processing fee, or we-just-feel-like-charging-you-extra fee for the Special Order colors.  They always cost exactly the same as our in stock colors, so the Special Order colors are also on sale at 20% off. 

The option of having any Mountain Color yarn in any Mountain Color color is terrific.  The option of having any Mountain Color yarn in any Mountain Color color and all on sale at 20% off is even better!  

So what yarn will you choose?
Bozeman Winter Cowl & Mitts Pattern
  • Bearfoot and Crazyfoot are sock knitting staples.  Both are blends of Superwash wool with a scant bit of Nylon for durability.  Bearfoot also has a bit of mohair for some extra softness.
Bonus:  Order any quantity of Bearfoot yarn and you'll also get the Barefoot and Bordeaux Shawlette pattern for FREE!
  • Bozeman is an interesting thick and thin 100% wool bulky yarn that adds extra interest and fun to any project.  Plus, it knits up fast!
  • River Twist is your classic two-ply 100% wool yarn. What's not classic are the colors - the two plys are dyed separately, then plied together, for a fabulous collision of color!
  • Weavers Wool Quarters was designed for weavers but is well-loved by knitters, too!  It's a soft, practical sport weight 100% wool yarn great for your favorite mittens, cowls and sweaters.  
So what will you create with your Mountain Colors yarn?  We've made that choice easy by putting all of Mountain Color's patterns on sale at 20%, too!

(Psst!  It's a great time to stock up for your holiday project yarns and patterns!)

Happy Knitting . . . Amy