Friday, October 30, 2015

Shine Triangular Scarf is Beyond Ordinary

Triangular Scarf
The new Rowan/Swarovski Shine Triangular Scarf is a simple triangle shape.  Sounds ordinary enough . . . but there's nothing ordinary about this triangle!

Beautiful Swarovski crystals add their shine to a simple, all-over lace pattern knit in the extraordinary Rowan Kidsilk Haze yarn. This cloud-like blend of super kid mohair and silk is one of the most luxurious in Rowan's collection, and Rowan is known for luxury. So yes, this triangle kicks "ordinary" in the butt.

And for those of you new to bead knitting, we've done much of the work for you. The crystals come pre-packaged in the quantity you'll need, and we've put them in kits with just the right amount of yarn and the free pattern to boot. Just pick the colorway of your dreams, and we'll get the kit out to you pronto for just $32. Not a bad price for a little bit of heaven!

Bonus:  The Triangular Scarf pattern is FREE!

The shimmering colorways to choose from are: 
  1. Trance (Blue / Green) Kidsilk Haze yarn & Aquamarine Crystals
  2. Cream (White) Kidsilk Haze yarn & Classic Crystal Crystals
  3. Dewberry (Purple) Kidsilk Haze yarn & Violet Crystals
  4. Majestic (Light Purple) Kidsilk Haze yarn & Black Diamond Crystals
  5. Pearl (Tan) Kidsilk Haze yarn & Light Colorado Topaz Crystals
When you order the Triangular Scarf Kit you will receive an electronic download of the pattern FREE!

Happy Knitting . . . . Amy

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

New BLUE Abracadabra Color Changing Yarn!

Abracadabra in BLUE!
Throughout the 1980s Cyndi Lauper told us that "Girls Just Want To Have Fun."  But what about the boys?  Can't they have fun, too?  HiKoo has answered with a resounding YES!

This spring HiKoo introduced Abracadabra, a one-of-a-kind UV (sunlight) reactive yarn. Abracadabra yarn starts out as (yawn!) an ordinary natural/cream color - but walk into the sunlight and, "abracadabra", it magically changes color!  Walk inside and the color changes back to natural.

Until now your Abracadabra color options were the rather girly natural-to-pink or natural-to-purple, but they have both been so popular that HiKoo has added a natural-to-blue colorway!

Magic Princess Set
Think of the possibilities!  Phantom stripes, ribs, cables, or colorwork appearing and disappearing . . . unique and fun children's clothes or accessories . . . beachwear that has extra pizzazz . . . ski gear that will have you dazzling on the slopes . . . let your imagination run wild!

The Magic Princess set - Updated!  The cute Magic Princess set still contains patterns for a color changing hat, leggings and purse, but now we can substitute blue for the pink or purple.  Your little man would look great in the hat with blue substituted for the purple and pink (which we have been calling the Magic Prince hat).  And little girls obsessed with Disney's Frozen movie may prefer their princess-gear in Elsa-inspired blue and white.  Simply shop for the Magic Princess set and during checkout add a comment that you want to substitute blue for the purple or pink or both.

Magic Princess (or Prince) Hat
Have a magical day!

Happy Knitting . . . . Amy

Monday, October 26, 2015

Yarn Gift Packs - Two Ways to Spread Holiday Cheer!

Covet Yarn Pack
We had to cover the roses last weekend ... we had two nights of freezing temperatures, and that can only mean one thing - time to start thinking about holiday gifts and holiday projects!  There are thousands of potential gifts that you can give or receive, but even with all of those choices my favorite gift is the same every year - YARN!

And we've made it even easier to give the gift of yarn this year with our new yarn gift packs.  Each gift pack includes a pattern and enough yarn to complete the project, all tucked into a neat, easy-to-wrap white gift box.

Rhapsody Glitter Light Yarn Pack
What a perfect gift to give to your favorite knitter or crocheter!  Choose from hats, scarves, a cowl or a wrap.  All are one-size-fits-all projects.  The projects vary in skill level, and the yarn ranges from fingering to super bulky to suit any knitter or crocheter.  And all of the yarns are extra special yarns worthy of gift-giving! 

Or . . . . Make the project yourself and give the completed project as a gift.  Be sure to keep the box, because we've sized the box so that you can put your completed gift in the box to neatly gift wrap it when you're done!  We all know that gift wrapping a scarf without a box leaves you with a lumpy, wrinkly, sad looking package that doesn't do justice to the lovingly hand-made gift inside.

So, which yarn gift pack is your favorite?
Rasta Yarn Pack Scarf
  • Cosma Yarn Gift Pack has three skeins of the soft and luxurious baby alpaca, wool and silk blend Berroco Cosma, along with a pattern for the crocheted Fan Stitch Scarf. 
  • Covet Yarn Gift Pack includes four skeins of the heavenly Knit One Crochet Too Covet yarn, a soft and exquisite 100% Superbaby alpaca yarn, together with a pattern for the knitted Gentle Stripes Cowl.  
  • Liberty Wool Light Yarn Gift Pack is three balls of the soft and warm, 100% Washable Wool Classic Elite Liberty Wool Light yarn.  The included Alpine Cap pattern is a fun, colorwork knitted pattern.  
  • Rasta Yarn Gift Pack is two skeins of the warm and soft 100% pure Merino Wool Malabrigo Rasta yarn.  The included Big Buttonhole Scarf pattern is a quick and easy knit with the super bulky Rasta yarn!   
  • Rhapsody Glitter Light Yarn Gift Pack includes one skein of the shimmering soft Artyarn Rhapsody Glitter Light yarn, a soft blend of silk and mohair with a bit of silver metallic lurex to give it some sparkle.  Knit the Simple Crescent Wrap pattern for a gift that dazzles!
  • Shetland Fingering Yarn Gift Pack is six skeins of the colorful Elemental Affects Shetland Fingering yarn, a lovely 100% North American Shetland Wool yarn.  The Gift Pack includes a knitted pattern for the Color Foray Tam, a cool topper with lots of interesting colorwork. 
Rhapsody Crescent Wrap
Give the yarn or the completed project - two ways to spread yarny holiday cheer!

Happy Knitting . . . . Amy

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Autumn Sky Poncho - FREE Pattern with Mammoth Yarn!

Looking for a quick-knit outerwear piece that doesn't stifle you with heat? The Autumn Sky Poncho is ideal for cool mornings and evenings when you just need a little extra warmth but don't need a heavy coat, and the trim elbow-length design gives you the freedom to move your arms without getting lost in the poncho. Knit in Dream in Color's Mammoth yarn, this is a yummy next-to-skin soft project that you'll wear year after year.

Autumn Sky Poncho
There are a couple of fiddly bits to this project, but most of it's just knitting round and round - a great project for TV watching or slow meetings!  First, you make the collar in one broad braided cable panel. From there, pick up stitches around one side of the collar and work your way down. The simple yarn-over increases create a spiral detail in eyelets, and there's no seam in the fabric except at the collar join.

Best of all, at just 700 bulky yards this poncho will knit up fast and uses just six skeins of Mammoth yarn.

Bonus:  All Dream in Color yarn, including Mammoth, is on sale at 20% off for the month of October!

Autumn Sky Poncho
And Mammoth is mammoth - a nice, fat bulky yarn that's ideal for quick-knit hats, scarves, cowls, sweaters and, obviously . . . ponchos!  The yarn is 100% extra fine raised-in-the-US wool that's been spun and dyed in the U.S. as well.  You have over 20 colors to choose from in subtlety variegated colors to create interest without being outrageous.

Double Bonus:  The Autumn Sky Poncho pattern is FREE with the purchase of Mammoth yarn!

Happy Knitting . . . . Amy

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The New Navajo Yarn from Tahki - 6 Quick Projects Under $21!

Free pattern with purchase of Navajo yarn
The Navajo people have been known for their beautiful woven blankets and rugs for centuries.  Woven on upright looms, they typically use bold stripes and geometric designs in striking natural colors. Tahki has proudly named their newest yarn "Navajo" in honor of the Navajo fiber artists of the past and present.

The new Tahki Navajo yarn is a soft, self-striping wool blend in eight earthy colorways.  This versatile worsted weight yarn is somewhat lofty, so you can expect it to be warm, light-weight and soft to the touch.

Navajo is a single ply yarn of about half wool and half acrylic.  Because Navajo is a single ply yarn, the acrylic adds durability as well as stability to the wool.

Tahki is so excited about the new Navajo yarn that they have created six great patterns available free with the purchase of Navajo yarn.  Three of the patterns use only one ball of Navajo and the other three use just two or three balls.  At $7 a ball, you can't go wrong!  These simple projects make easy - and economical - holiday gifts!

With the purchase of Navajo yarn, you can choose from the following great patterns (pictured at right)
  1. Adult Hat with Ear Flaps
  2. Child Ear Flap Hat & Wristwarmers    
  3. Missoni-Inspired Cowl
  4. Simple Crochet Shawl
  5. Simple Knit Shawl 
  6. Women's Rosette Cloche
Navajo weaver with upright loom
Six great projects plus eight gorgeous colorways - that's 48 possibilities!  Yikes!  The most difficult task when using the new Navajo yarn will be deciding which to project to do first!

Happy Knitting . . . . Amy

Monday, October 12, 2015

Monet Inspired October Dream Club

Water Lilies (1906) by Claude Monet
Claude Monet was just a little bit obsessed with his water lily garden, don't ya think?  He painted approximately 250 oil paintings of it, capturing the garden from different angles, the lighting at various times of the day and the seasonally changing flowers and foliage.

But you can't blame him for wanting to capture those colors!  The gals at Dream in Color felt the same way, so Claude's colorful garden was their inspiration for the October Dream Club.

The October Dream Club pattern is a fingerless mitt, and you can choose between a crochet or a knit version.

Water Lilies - Crochet Version
The crocheted version is called Water Lilies and includes a decorative bobble stitch and a unique foundation chain to accompany the ribbing.  They are shorter than the usual fingerless gloves to keep your hand warm while giving your fingers extra room to move around. 
The knit version is called En Plein Air.  En Plein Air is a French expression that means "in the open air" and refers to standing outside to paint the landscape in front of you, a favorite style of Monet's.  The En Plein Air mitts are ready for any outdoor activity.  The longer section of ribbing at the wrist insures that they will not come untucked from your coat sleeves.  They also have subtle shaping on the hand to create a great fit, plus a decorative button/strap closure.

En Plein Air - Knit Version
The yarn is Dream in Color's Everlasting DK yarn, which is 100% Superwash Australian Merino wool.  The Monet inspired vibrant mix of blue, green, yellow, purple and white is an exclusive, limited edition color that is available only in the kit - and once it's gone, it's gone!

Bonus:  The October Dream Club kit is included in our Dream in Color 20% off sale, so the October Dream Club, like all of our Dream in Color yarns, is 20% off!

October Dream Club Yarn
Create your own artistic masterpiece with the October Dream Club kit!

Psst!  All of our previous Dream Club kits are sold out except the Elven Bosk Wrap (February 2015), the Sachy Hat & Mitts (November 2014) and the Less Variegated Something Autumnal shawl (September 2015).  Take a look before they're gone!

Happy Knitting . . . . Amy

Friday, October 9, 2015

Frabjously Fun - The Strange Orbit Socks

With the arrival of autumn, a little extra coverage isn't going to hurt, so this month we bring you a stylish and attractive pair of beautifully cabled knee socks.

The trouble with knee socks is the sizing around the calves versus foot sizing.  So I've simplified it with separate sizing for the foot and the leg, regardless of your shape you can knit these gorgeous socks with confidence. How, you ask? At the ankle there are the same number of stitches in all sizes. By switching needle size at that point, you can work at a completely different gauge for the leg than you did for the foot and voilĂ , both the calf and the foot are the perfect size.

Strange Orbit Socks
Practical and well-designed doesn't have to be ugly.  This dramatic toe-up knee-sock pattern sports a beautifully nested cable on the front. The nested cable features a small, narrow cable that runs up the center of a longer, broader cable. Around the sides, there are a series of small cables and ribs until you get to the center back of the leg.  At the center back calf shaping is accomplished with a beautifully branched rib pattern that varies depending on selected calf size.

The socks are knit with Frabjous Fiber's Cheshire Cat yarn.  Frab-huh? "Frabjous" is a made-up word first used by Lewis Carroll in Through The Looking-Glass (1872) as Alice reads the Jabberwock poem:

'And hast thou slain the Jabberwock?
Come to my arms, my beamish boy!
O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!'
He chortled in his joy.

Strange Orbit Socks
Frabjous means joyful, excellent and fabulous - and isn't that how we all feel around terrific yarn?  And Cheshire Cat yarn fits the frabjous name.  It's a kettle-dyed, soft, washable 100% wool fingering weight yarn.  We have 13 gorgeous colorways to choose from - and the silly Wonderland inspired names will leave you smiling like the Cheshire cat!

Bonus:  The Strange Orbit pattern is FREE with the purchase of Cheshire Cat yarn!

Happy Knitting! . . . . Amy

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Dream in Color Sale - 20% Off and MORE!

Wisp in Fortune
October is all about color.  The green leaves changing to vibrant reds and yellows, orange pumpkins glowing from the front porch, and the dazzle of purple princesses and blue and red super heroes on Halloween night.  So that makes October the perfect time to have a sale on our Dream in Color yarns!

All of our Dream in Colors yarn is on sale for at least 20%. The discontinued yarns are on sale for 40% off (Hint: Look for the "Clearance" banners). And when I say "all" I mean all, including limited edition colors (get 'em before they're gone!) and special order colors. 

Dream in Color was started by two women who love color.  Did I mention they love color?  They opened a yarn shop and started dying and experimenting with color in the back room.  Two years later their own hand-dyed colors were so popular they closed the yarn shop to devote themselves to dying their Dream in Color yarn full time.  That was in 2006, and nearly ten years later they still just can't stop creating great colors!

So which ones will you choose?
  • Canyon in Goblin Valley
    Perfectly Posh Sport is one of our 40% Off Clearance yarns, but you'd never guess it from the incredible selection we have!  With nearly 30 fabulous colors still in stock, Perfectly Posh Sport blends all of your favorites - velvety cashmere, soft baby fine mohair, luxurious silk, and cozy merino wool. This sport weight softness is excellent for soft and cozy hats, mittens or shawls - stock up for your holiday knitting!
  • Canyon is a 100% extra fine wool in a fun (and fast!) bulky weight.  Canyon is super versatile, so let your imagination run wild. Create cozy sweaters, comfy cowls, warm hats, cuddly blankets, fun slippers … the possibilities are endless!
  • Wisp is a delicate lace weight blend of silk and merino wool perfect for both intricate lace work or simple designs.
  • Smooshy is so wonderfully named because, well, it's smooshy! It's a superfine, superwash merino yarn that will knit into cozy socks, fun children garments, and unique lace work. Anything you make will be soft and smooshy!
Dream Club kits are also 20% off!  Get a pattern along with an exclusive color dyed just for the Dream Club kits.  Get yours fast - once they're gone, they're gone!
    Jilly Lace in Ginger Ninja
    Are you extra special and one-of-a-kind?  Then you deserve some of Dream in Color's Limited Edition colors.  We only have two colors left: the autumny yellow, orange and brown Ginger Ninja and the green-hued brown Swamp Thing.  Both are available in Jilly Lace and Jilly Lace Single Ply - that is, until they are sold out!

    So keep dreaming in color - and knitting in color, too!

    Happy Knitting . . . . Amy