Friday, November 14, 2014

Twist and Shout while you Twist and Spin - and Save 20%!

Cover of Twist and Shout (1963)
Every time I think of ChiaoGoo's Twist and Spin sets, I can't help hearing The Beatles singing "Twist and Shout" in the back of my head . . .  

C'mon c'mon, baby now, twist and shout!

Admit it - the song is stuck in your head now, too!  Keep singing (and twisting and shouting), because the song is great background music to announce our new sale of 20% off everything ChiaoGoo!

Our 20% off sale includes everything: their super-sharp Red Steel Lace needles, gorgeous bamboo straight and double point knitting needles, strong and stylish bamboo crochet hooks, and Twist and Spin sets - including the new 4" Twist and Spin sets.  

So what are the Twist and Spin sets?

ChiaoGoo Twist Connection
The ChiaoGoo Twist Interchangeable Set is everything you love about ChiaoGoo's Steel Red Lace circular needles - lightweight yet strong stainless steel needle tips, flexible nylon-coated steel cables, and sharp lace tips.  The join between the needle tip and the cable is a twist mechanism (hence the name Twist) and is secured by a key.  The interchangeables also feature lifeline holes in the cables.

ChiaoGoo Spin Connection
The ChiaoGoo Spin Interchangeable Set uses warm-to-the-touch, earth friendly bamboo needles.  The join between the needle tip and the cable is a spin-able screw mechanism (hence the name Spin) and is secured by a key so they won't pop off. These interchangeables also feature lifeline holes in the cables, so you will never have to unravel a piece over a mistake again.

Both the Twist and Spin sets are available in the standard 5 inch needle, but an exciting new addition to the collection is a 4 inch needle.  So why make such a fuss over one inch?  The slightly smaller needle, when combined with a 8 inch cables, creates a 16 inch circular needle - perfect for hat knitting!  

New - 4" ChiaoGoo Twist Set
The 5" ChiaoGoo Twist Set comes in Small (needle sizes US 2 - US 8), Large (US 9 - US 15) and Complete (US 2 - US 15).  The 4" Twist Set comes in Small (needle sizes US 2 - 8) and Complete (US 2 - US 15)

The Spin sets come in the same sizes:  a 5" Small  (needle sizes US 2 - US 8), Large (US 9 - US 15) and Complete (US 2 - US 15) set and the 4" Spin Set comes in Small (needle sizes US 2 - 8) and Complete (US 2 - US 15).

For more details on these fantastic interchangeable sets click here!

Leary of purchasing items made in China?  No worries.  These needles are not made in a Chinese sweatshop.  ChiaoGoo is manufactured by a family-owned business which prides themselves with offering high quality products backed by a lifetime guarantee.  Started by four brothers, they were taught bamboo work by their father and grandfather, both traveling bamboo craftsman.  But their real inspiration came from their mother, an avid knitter who was their needle tester and often asked for special bamboo needles to meet her needs.  The family is proud of their quality ChiaoGoo needles - and I know you will be, too!

This sale ends November 30th, 2014 so be sure to shop soon! Give me a call if I can help you with your needle selection!

Happy Knitting . . . . Amy

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