Monday, August 17, 2015

Kits - The Perfect Gift to Give (or Get!)

The Stockton Sock Kit
Remember the childhood excitement of getting an awesome gift under the Christmas tree - and then the bitter disappointment when you realize that Santa didn't bring any batteries?  You would have to wait until the next day for your parents to buy some batteries so you could play with your new toy!

I get the same feeling when someone gives me an awesome yarn - but no pattern!

So that's why I like our kits - especially for gift giving.  You get the pattern and the yarn in one cute little ready-to-get-knittin' package - all you have to do is get your needles and start knitting.

We've put together a list of 18 kits that are great to give or receive.  Here are some of my favorites:  
  • Got a cell phone addicted teenager?  The
    Ruffled Crocheted Wristlet
    Braid Back Wristlet kit is perfect for cold weather - a little something to cover your hands while keeping your fingers free to call or text!
  • Don't forget the crocheters!  The Ruffled Crocheted Wristlet is both feminine and functional with a pretty optional ruffle along the edge. 
  • Tired of knitting foofy, lacy socks? The Stockton Sock Kit is a warm compliment to your outdoor wardrobe - a plain workhorse of a sock without any lacework, cables or strange new stitches to stumble over.  Made of locally produced yarn, these socks are perfect for the long, cold winter ahead. 
  • Who doesn't need a little magic?  The Magic Princess Set uses HiKoo's fun Abracadabra yarn that changes color when you go into the sunlight.  Choose the hat, leggings, purse, or all three.  They're white in the house, but step into the sunshine outdoors and pink and purple stripes magically appear.  
  • Sometimes you just gotta knit silly. 
    Magic Princess Set
    The Felted Ewe Knitting Kit is absolutely adorable!  The I-cord legs and arms are made first, then the body is worked in the round attaching the arms and legs as you go.  The kit even includes fiberfill to stuff your new little friend!
The kits are especially nice for our non-knitting friends to give us.  They don't have to fret about whether it's enough yarn or the right kind of yarn.  Just send them a link to our Kits to Make or Give page, with some fairly obvious hints about which kits you like best, and you won't be taunted with a pattern that you can't start immediately!

Happy Knitting . . . . Amy

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