Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Rowan Yarn + Swarovski Crystals = Shine!

Shine Kay Sweater
Swarovski has been designing and creating high quality, naturally brilliant crystals since 1895.  Humans have been spinning fiber into yarn for thousands of years.  So why has it taken so long to get the two together?

We are thrilled to bring you the new Rowan/Swarovski Shine collection!  So what does the Shine collection do?  Well ... it takes knitting to the next level.  Sure, you're still knitting with beads, but instead of ordinary yarn you're using the most luxurious yarns in Rowan's collection, and instead of ordinary beads you're knitting with Swarovski's finest crystals.

The possibilities are endless! ... So Rowan broke them down into two collections.

Shine Wedding Day Dress
The Collections
The Daytime and Evening Collection pattern booklets have something to suit even the most discerning knitting from accessories and jewelry to a classic cardigan and lush beaded tops … even an absolutely breathtaking wedding dress!  You can buy the pattern booklet alone, or choose an individual project and get the PDF.  Each project kit has all of the yarn and beads you need.  Just select your project, yarn colors, and your size.  You can add the pattern to your kit, or not (if you've already purchased the pattern booklet).  We've already done the math and we'll send the right amount of yarn and beads.

We also broke out a special page just for the Wedding Day Dress, because … well, it's a wedding dress … C'mon!

Pre-Strung Beaded Yarn
For those who wish to skip a step or two, Rowan is offering a new yarn called Rowan Kidsilk Haze Shine. This yarn is three strands of Rowan's perennial favorite Kidsilk Haze plied with a strand of cotton and 3mm Swarovski crystal beads every four inches. We've got an entire page dedicated to the yarn and several projects with FREE patterns … check it out!

Shine Diamond Vest
Pencils Down!  Rowan's designers were so excited with the possibilities of combining Rowan yarn and Swarovski crystals that they just couldn't stop designing, even after they were told to stop!  Here are a few extra patterns (with more on the way) that didn't make it into either pattern booklet collection.  Bonus:  The patterns are FREE!

Mix and Match
If you prefer to pick your own beads and yarn, we have pages listing out all of the various Swarovski bead sets and Rowan Shine yarns.  Follow a pattern, or let your imagination run wild and design your own!

It's hard to keep a secret!  We here at FiberWild! have known about the new Shine products for a while, but we just can't keep it to ourselves anymore!  We're announcing it now, but stores will not receive the Shine products until the first week in October. As a result, everything is available to purchase as "Pre-Order" with delivery in early October!

Happy Knitting . . . . Amy

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