Wednesday, October 28, 2015

New BLUE Abracadabra Color Changing Yarn!

Abracadabra in BLUE!
Throughout the 1980s Cyndi Lauper told us that "Girls Just Want To Have Fun."  But what about the boys?  Can't they have fun, too?  HiKoo has answered with a resounding YES!

This spring HiKoo introduced Abracadabra, a one-of-a-kind UV (sunlight) reactive yarn. Abracadabra yarn starts out as (yawn!) an ordinary natural/cream color - but walk into the sunlight and, "abracadabra", it magically changes color!  Walk inside and the color changes back to natural.

Until now your Abracadabra color options were the rather girly natural-to-pink or natural-to-purple, but they have both been so popular that HiKoo has added a natural-to-blue colorway!

Magic Princess Set
Think of the possibilities!  Phantom stripes, ribs, cables, or colorwork appearing and disappearing . . . unique and fun children's clothes or accessories . . . beachwear that has extra pizzazz . . . ski gear that will have you dazzling on the slopes . . . let your imagination run wild!

The Magic Princess set - Updated!  The cute Magic Princess set still contains patterns for a color changing hat, leggings and purse, but now we can substitute blue for the pink or purple.  Your little man would look great in the hat with blue substituted for the purple and pink (which we have been calling the Magic Prince hat).  And little girls obsessed with Disney's Frozen movie may prefer their princess-gear in Elsa-inspired blue and white.  Simply shop for the Magic Princess set and during checkout add a comment that you want to substitute blue for the purple or pink or both.

Magic Princess (or Prince) Hat
Have a magical day!

Happy Knitting . . . . Amy

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