Friday, July 5, 2013

Royal Baby, Lamb and Royal Purple Yarn

Kate, Dutchess of Cambridge
The girls in the office were ecstatic when Prince William married Catherine (Kate), the Duchess of Cambridge - and are even more thrilled at the thought of the soon-to-be-born royal baby!  Since it is all they are talking about anyway, we decided to do a marketing campaign around the not-yet-born Future King or Queen of England.

Because purple is the color of royalty, our marketing department suggested that we dye one of Suzy the Shepherdess' lambs purple (is that legal?), then spin some purple fingering weight yarn.  I suggested we leave the lamb alone and dye the finished yarn.  So after our annual company outing to Suzy's farm, Photoshop trickery was committed, and "ta-da!" we have a purple lamb! 

"Royal" the Purple Lamb
Suzy the Shepherdess is a historian and a knitter who raises a good size flock of sheep on her nearby farm using only traditional 19th century farming techniques. She supplies us with worsted and fingering weight yarns in a range of wonderful natural sheep colors. We also hand-dye small batches of the fingering in several limited-time-only colors, including the new "Royal Purple" color for the popular Shepherdess Shawl pattern.  This is truly an authentic "Sheep to Shawl" story!

In addition, we have four great accessory kits that include Suzy's worsted yarn in the natural colors:

The Shepherdess Shawl

  • Stockton Sock Kit - Suzy is a no-frills, down-to-earth kind of shepherdess, and so is this sock!  A favorite in gray and cream worsted weight yarn, this easy pattern can be knit in either the ladies or the men's sizes.
  • Pennsylvania Mitten Kit - Suzy's reproduction of mittens worn in rural Pennsylvania by the ordinary farmer, tradesmen, laborers, and their wives and children between 1750 and 1820. This is an authentic, well-documented pattern for re-enactors of the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, and all the eras in-between. Adult and kids sizes are included in the pattern.
  • Shepherdess Wristlet Kit - Wristlets, also called Muffatees, are a fingerless glove that will keep your hands warm while allowing your fingers to sew, knit, or stir the pot over the fire. The modern woman will appreciate her wristlets while working on the computer or sending a text message. This pattern was originally printed in 1838 in The Workwoman's Guide, By A Lady.
  • Shepherdess Shawl - My very own lace knitting creation. This traditional lace shawl is knit in Suzy's fingering weight yarn ... perfect in any of the hand-dyed colors, or the more traditional Grays. The shawl takes three skeins of the fingering yarn ... the hand-dyed colors are a limited-time only yarn, so get them while you can
  • Shepherd's Hat Kit - a simple hat in Suzy's worsted weight yarn, gray and cream colors only. The pattern has 4 sizes (small, medium, large, and extra-large) ... a perfect compliment to the Pennsylvania Mittens, or for anyone who would like to knit a simple hat.
 Happy Knitting . . . . . Amy

Legal Disclaimer:  No lambs were injured or dyed for the writing of this blog.

The FiberWild! Crew Visiting Suzy's Farm:  Wendi, Suzy, Nicki, Karen, Sean, Amy & Vera

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