Friday, November 15, 2013

Knit, Swirl Kits - 20% Off!

Coat of Many Colors in Mountain Goat
“Knit, Swirl!” by Sandra McIver is a remarkable book that contains 18 patterns for swirl jackets - a one-piece, one-seam garment is designed to whirl around the body with a drape that flatters women of all shapes.  The basic concept is a series of concentric rings that create the collar, lapels, front and lower back, with one seam that runs from cuff to cuff to create the arms, front bodice and back neck.  Sound complicated? It’s not! Most of the designs require only basic knitting skills, and the first couple of chapters are chock full of tips and tricks that will ease your journey.

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The hardest part is deciding which Knit, Swirl Kit to make first!

Nine Colorways
The Coat of Many (or just One!) Color:  Choose a range of your favorite colors and enjoy working them together in an ever-changing waves of color and intensity - or go for the Coat of One Color and enjoy the subtle change from one welt to the next.  The coat on the book's cover is the Coat of Many Colors pattern in the "poppy" (red) colorway in Mountain Goat yarn. This flattering coat has become a classic!  We have three options for you:
Plum Perfect in Mountain Goat
Plum Perfect:  The plum color takes center stage, until you notice the jewel toned bands tucked within the folds of this velvety soft jacket.  The Plum Perfect pattern was a favorite - until the yarn was discontinued.  We have worked with Sandra McIver to redesign the Plum Perfect jacket in two Mountain Colors yarn combinations.  And it doesn't have to be "plum" to be Plum Perfect - there are four colorways to choose from!
Plum Perfect in Alpaca Blend & Twizzle
Click here for more Plum Perfect pictures!

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Happy Knitting!        Amy

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