Friday, November 22, 2013

Road Trip Season!

Over the river and through the woods … let someone else drive so you can knit! Taking a road-trip this Thanksgiving? … a perfect time to tackle one last quick knit gift for the holidays. Our Holiday Central section has tons of great ideas for quick knit gift giving (say that three time fast!).

These are some of my favorite quick knits for knitting in the car:
  • The
    The Jake Hat
    Jake Hat is mostly stockinette stitch, with some color changes to keep it interesting - a great project to knit in the car!  The Jake Hat is knit with Classic Elite's Woodland yarn - a blend of wool and nettles.  You may see stinging nettle plants along the roadside during the summer - I have lots of it in my yard!  The fiber is environmentally friendly, breathable and light, and was spun by Native American for many centuries.  Don't worry, the hat won't sting!
The Lace Edged Hand Towel
The Adrienne Scarf
  • An openwork lace pattern, the Adrienne Scarf is a quick, one ball project.  The glamorous Stacy Charles' Crystal is a dramatic lace weight yarn full of shimmer and sprinkled with sequins.  Warning: This scarf is not for boring wallflowers!  You're going to be noticed wearing this one! 
Check out more quick holiday projects on our Holiday Central page.

Happy Knitting . . . .  Amy

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