Monday, January 6, 2014

Haikus for HiKoo - and Save 20%!

HiKoo's Rylie in Periwinkle
Haiku is a traditional Japanese poem in three lines.  HiKoo is a Skacel line of high quality yarns at affordable prices.  So now a haiku about HiKoo . . . .

Knitting needles fly
Yummy yarn, soft and lofty
HiKoo you need to buy!

Anyone willing to read that blatant commercial haiku deserves a reward.  So we've put all of our HiKoo yarn on sale at 20% off through January 31st!  That's 19 great brands!  So what yarn should you choose?  Here are some of my favorites: 
  • The classic workhorse Simplicity is a hardy, washable light weight superwash wool available in over 50 vibrant solid colors.  Great for daily use items like afghans and children's wear!  Need more jazz?  Try Simplicity Multi for a multi-color look, or Simplicity Metallic for a dazzling bit of bling.   
  • Rylie screams splendor!  Another new luxury yarn, Rylie is a natural wonder as a sport weight blending of soft baby alpaca, silk and linen in ten gorgeous colors.
  • Looking for a sock weight yarn, but don't like wool?  Try CoBaSi, a blend of cotton, bamboo and silk with a generous amount of elastic.  CoBaSi was such a hit that HiKoo also created CoBaSi Plus, the same great blend in a worsted weight yarn.  CoBaSi  and CoBaSi Plus are soft, wool-free, and machine washable! (Looking for a project for your CoBaSi yarn?  There is still time to join Michelle Hunter's January Knit-A-Long).
  • Knit like an animal!  Or just knit an animal.  Caribou's soft, feathery construction is great for faux fur and fuzzy toys.  Toy sheep look great with Woolie Bullie, a sheepy-looking boucle yarn.   
Simpliworsted in Earth & Sky
So should I quit knitting and pattern writing to become a poet full-time?  . . . No, I didn't think so either. 

Happy Knitting! . . . . Amy

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