Friday, January 24, 2014

Think Warm Island Vacation with Liberty Wool Print's two new colors!

Liberty Wool Print in Lilac Daydream
It's freezing in Galena!  It's not enough to just have snow, we've got drifting and blowing snow, with temperatures plunging into the negative double-digits!  Brrrrr!

Well, you can't get more "island vacation" than Lilac Daydream and Oasis, the two new Liberty Wool Print colors.  

Liberty Wool Print is Classic Elite's soft worsted weight, machine washable 100% wool yarn.  Yup, that's right, I said machine washable wool.  It is a self striping yarn in a huge assortment of awesome colors.  Lilac Daydream and Oasis are the two newest of over 30 colors!

Liberty Wool Print in Oasis
Lilacs bloom in early summer, beating out roses and other flowers.  Lilac Daydream's blend of purple, pink, blue and gray will have you daydreaming of island breezes while you knit beside your frost covered window.  An oasis is a refreshing area of water, green grasses and trees in the midst of the desert.  Oasis' refreshing blend of blue, green, white, pink and purple will warm you up as you knit.

Both Lilac Daydream and Oasis are on sale at 10% off!  But wait, there's more . . . When you buy any quantity of Lilac Daydream or Oasis we'll give you a free pattern!  You can give Winter a big, fat, kick in the backside using island vacation colors to warm yourself with a Ridged Scarf, Simple Pocket Sweater or Mitered Mittens.  Take that, Old Man Winter!

Happy Knitting . . . .  Amy

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