Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Colors of Noro - All 25% Off!

Designed by Elle Tricote

Noro yarns are well known throughout the knitting world for the company's incredible devotion to yarn and their phenomenal colorways. During the month of February, we're celebrating this with a 25% off sale on all Noro yarns and patterns!  This includes the individual patterns from Noro's Fall 2012 and Spring 2013 magazines, now available as downloadable PDFs!

Designers love Noro yarns for their extraordinary colors - and so do we!  Many variegated yarns are spray painted with dye - but not Noro yarn.  Instead the fiber is dyed in individual colors, then each color is manually laid out on the carder.  The result is a richer, more vibrant color.

The Noro factory is in Japan, and "Noro" is the name of the company founder, Eisaku Noro.  The Japanese are known for their attention to detail, and that trait shows through in the yarn.  Eisaku notes that when new yarns are created, the designers work with their eyes closed to fully concentrate on the texture of the fibers.

Preparing the Carder at Noro.
All animal fibers used in Noro yarns are from certified organic farms.  Noro is personally involved with inspecting all aspects of production, from visiting the animal farms to checking the machinery used to insure that the process is as eco-friendly as possible.  By doing as much by hand as possible, Noro reduces the friction and heat that the yarn is exposed to, preventing damage to the enzymes in the fibers while reducing the impact on the environment.

What incredible devotion to their yarn!

Happy knitting . . . . . Amy

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