Friday, April 25, 2014

Double Rewards are Double Good!

Rewards are good.  But double rewards are even better!

Right now you can enjoy double rewards on any ChiaoGoo knitting needle and accessory, including ChiaoGoo's interchangeable needle sets.  For example, you can earn $18 to $46 in reward points on a ChiaoGoo Interchangeable Set - enough to get some great yarn and patterns to go with your new needle set!

ChiaoGoo Twist Set
So what's so special about ChiaoGoo interchangeable needle sets?  There are two styles to choose from, Spin and Twist.

The Spin Bamboo set contains ChiaoGoo's comfy bamboo needles - warm to the touch with a smooth yarn feed, and made from the strongest bamboo in the world (and not the species of bamboo that those cute pandas eat!). The tips are connected with a flexible nylon cable that swivels freely from the needle, making it easy to maneuver your work. 

Prefer metal needles?  ChiaoGoo's Twist interchangeable needle set features the ridiculously sharp steel Red Lace needles tips - lightweight yet strong and durable, and flexible nylon-coated steel cables.

ChiaoGoo Steel Red Lace Circulars
Don't forget about ChiaoGoo's amazing Steel Red Lace fixed circular knitting needles. These wonderful, lightweight needles are made of a high-grade, strong, stainless steel. They have a nice, smooth satin sheen that does not reflect any light, making it easier to see your work! The flexible cord is a multi-strand, nylon-coated steel cable which allows your yarn to slide easily.  The tip is very sharp - excellent for lace knitting or patterns with a lot of increases and decreases.

We also have ChiaoGoo's bamboo Double Points and Straights in stock! Warm to the touch (even when left out in the car on a cold winter night!), these needles are eco-friendly and have the US and metric sizes permanently laser printed on the needle!

ChiaoGoo Double Point Sock Set - Steel
Also, ChiaoGoo has just released Double Point Sock Sets in bamboo and steel. Whether you are a beginning sock knitter who needs a complete set to start you off on your sock knitting adventures, or a veteran sock knitter looking for a compact and organized way to manage your sock knitting gear, ChiaoGoo's Sock Sets are the answer!

Which ever kind of needle you prefer, ChiaoGoo has it all + Double Rewards!

Happy Knitting . . . .  Amy

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