Friday, April 4, 2014

HUGE Classic Elite Yarn Sale!

Don't you hate when someone announces a BIG SALE, but it is just on a few items.  Yeah, we hate that too.  So that's why when we say we are having a HUGE Classic Elite Yarn sale, we mean that we really are having a HUGE Classic Elite Yarn sale!

Ava Yarn is 20% Off!
How much yarn is on sale?  I'm glad you asked, because we have over 40 Classic Elite Yarns, and each is available in a variety of colors.  So that's . . . .  well, I'm not sure exactly how much yarn that is, but it's a lot!

What's the discount?  A measly little 5% or 10%?  Nope.  All of our Classic Elite Yarns are on sale for 20% to 25% off, with the exception of discontinued yarns which are 50% off!

Want some patterns?  They're on sale, too.  All Classic Elite Yarn patterns are on sale at 20% off.

So which yarns and pattens will you choose?  That's the hard part!

Some of my favorites:
Enjoy great yarn - and great savings!  Happy Knitting!  . . . .  Amy

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