Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Big Rowan's Big Rowan Sale

Do you celebrate half-birthdays?  We do!  Rowan the kitten is a year and a half old.  Except, he is not a little kitten anymore - he is a big bundle of trouble!  Seventeen pounds and still growing - time for a sale that is as big as he is!

Rowan entered the store - and our lives - as kitten about five weeks old.  He started out living at the store, then moved to our home when he was old enough to be on his own.  Except he wasn't on his own - while we were working at the store he was home with our cat Scout (the famous cat in the red sweater), and together they were knocking books over, crawling into closets, and having all sorts of "fun."  Rowan and Scout became fast friends.  Our intention was to only keep him long enough to find a suitable home for him, but Scout - and Sean and I - decided he was a keeper.

Summerspun in Greenwich
What we couldn't decide on was his name, so last year we held a contest on our Ravelry site and on our facebook page to name him, and "Rowan" was the winner!

So how do we celebrate a big kitty with a big sale?  First, we marked all Rowan yarns and pattens 20% to 25% off.  That's almost 40 yarn brands!  Then, we marked down discontinued yarns even more - up to 40% off!  That will make you purr!

Some of my favorites:
  • He's a chunky kitty, so lets start with All Seasons Chunky, a machine washable cotton blend that's great for sweaters and other garments.  It's super bulky and, well, chunky!
  • Alpaca Chunky is a fun super bulky yarn that is 98% alpaca for an amazingly soft comfortable yarn. 
  • Everyone looks good in a halo!  Angora Haze is a super fine, super soft angora with a wonderful halo, plus a little bit of polyamide for added strength.  Add a touch of luxury to a sweater or super soft mittens you won't want to take off!
  • If a smaller halo is more appropriate for you, Kid Classic is a medium weight blend of lambswool and kid mohair.  It has the softness of mohair, with a smaller halo, plus wool for added strength and warmth. 
  • Bring on summer fun with Summerspun, a 50/50 stranded blend of wool and cotton that has a fun texture in great colors. 
Rowan Magazine 55
And patternsOh, the patterns!  There are over 25 pattern books to choose from.  That's right, books.  Not the little eight page pamphlets, the Rowan books and magazines contain from 50 to 190 pages of great patterns, color photos and important tips.  And all are 20% off!

So sing Happy Birthday to our kitty Rowan, while working on your Rowan masterpiece!

Happy Knitting . . . . Amy


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