Friday, May 23, 2014

Jump for Joy with Jilly and Jilly Lace - and Save 20%

Linden Street Shawl in Jilly
FiberWild! has over 350 brands of yarn - and yet only three of our brands start with the letter J!  Doesn't that make you jump with jubilant joy!  The lowercase j was the medieval Roman numeral for 1, the uppercase J is the symbol for Jack when playing cards, and if you play Words with Friends you know that a J is worth a whopping 10 points! And right now two of our letter J yarns are on sale at 20% off, Jilly and Jilly Lace.

You may remember Jilly's debut in March - for the first month of its release Jilly was available only at FiberWild!  Dyed by Dream in Color, Jilly is a fingering weight single ply, light merino superwash wool yarn that is exquisitely soft.  The new Jilly Lace is the same soft merino superwash, but in a fine lace weight.

Jilly Lace in Amethyst
Dream in Color is famous for their colors - and Jilly and Jilly Lace are no exceptions.  We have lots of Jilly and Jilly Lace colors in stock, but either yarn can also be ordered in 50 additional special order colors. Both in-stock colors and special order colors are on sale at 20% off!

Classy in Cool Fire
At the other end of the spectrum, we have over 60 yarns that start with the letter C!  One of my favorite Letter C yarns is Dream in Color's Classy yarn.  The name is appropriate, the yarn is a classic: a medium weight superwash merino wool that is spun and uniquely dyed right here in the USA in a hefty 250 yard skein.  Any project, whether it's colorful mittens or a unique sweater, will look classy in Classy.  Dream in Color calls it their signature yarn, and Ravelry has almost 20,000 projects posted in Classy.  We have lots of colors in stock, with over 100 special order colors.  Wow - that's a lot of "Dreamy" colors!

Even classics can be improved!  The new version of Classy is now softer and more vibrant.  Don't be fooled by others selling the older Classy at discounted prices.  You want the new and improved Classy yarn available at FiberWild!  Bonus: for a limited time only get the new Classy on sale at 20% off!

Happy Knitting . . . . Amy

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