Friday, April 3, 2015

Mountain Colors Yarns and Patterns - All 20% Off!

April is here and everything is blooming and coming to life - daffodils, tulips, and, of course, yarn!  Mother Nature puts out her very best colors in the spring - so we are, too!  We have all 27 of Mountain Color's popular yarns in stock, in lots of colors and ready to ship.  Not enough color for you?  No problem.  As you might know, Mountain Colors has over 100 colors to choose from, so stocking every color in every yarn is close to impossible. But if you want a yarn / color combo we don't have in stock you can Special Order it and get fast delivery.

Alpaca Blend in Snow Tree
  For the month of April, all Mountain Colors yarns and patterns are on sale at 20% off!

Double Bonus:  That's all Mountain Colors Yarn yarns - including Special Order colors!

So which yarn should you choose?  That's a toughie, I like them all!  But here are some favorites:
  • What's not to like about alpaca? The yarn is yummy and soft, and those alpacas sure are cute!  Alpaca Blend is 50% superfine alpaca and 50% wool for the ultimate warm, soft yarn. Where can you get it?  Only at FiberWild!  If you are extra special and unique (and we think you are!) then go for a FiberWild! exclusive color in the FiberWild! exclusive Alpaca Blend
  • You won't be going barefoot when you have Bearfoot!  Bearfoot is both supple and strong - tough as a grisly bear but as snuggley as a teddy bear.  The Superwash wool and mohair make it a soft yarn, with a bit of nylon added for durability.  Bearfoot is great for warm socks, delicate shawls and fine gauge sweaters. 
  • Are you a spinner?  Skip the yarn and go for the roving!  Bluefaced Leicester Roving and Targhee Top Roving are both soft fibers with a nice crimp and an easy 3 inch staple length. 
So now what will you knit?  That's easy, because all Mountain Colors Yarn pattens are also 20% off for the month of April.  Hooray!
Back to Basics Cardigan
Gradient-1 Shawl
Have you seen the Gradient-1 Shawl?  The shawl uses the new Twizzle Gradient Pack colorways.  It's the Twizzle yarn in three variations of the same color - a dark, a medium and a light.  The Gradient-1 Shawl is knit with one yarn pack. Start knitting the skinny end with the lightest color; build with the medium value and finally add a little texture with the darkest color at the wide end. The shawl is done primarily in stockinette stitch with garter ridges at the color changes and some lace patterning with the dark color. 

Bonus:  The Twizzle Gradient Packs are 20% off, and the Gradient-1 Shawl pattern is free with the purchase of your Gradient Yarn Pack!

The Mountain Colors Yarn colors just aren't enough - we also have our own FiberWild! exclusive colors!  Every few months we get color inspired, and, like color junkies everywhere, we just need more!  The ladies at Mountain Colors Yarn take our ideas and create a new color just for FiberWild!  I create a few new patterns to compliment the yarn, and we give the pattern to you free when you purchase the associated FiberWild! exclusive yarn.  Who wouldn't want that! 

(Pssst!  Don't tell anyone, but we will be announcing a new Game of Thrones FiberWild! exclusive color and pattern soon!)

Happy Knitting . . . . Amy

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