Monday, April 27, 2015

The Nymeria Wrap and Shawl Pin Choices

Are you watching it?  Season five of Game of Thrones started two weeks ago, and it's all we've been talking about! 

Arya Stark
We just can't get enough of the headstrong, independent heroine Arya Stark!  It's easy to understand how the dirty-faced young noblewoman masquerading as a boy (with her own named sword, no less!) could turn out to be the most bad-a** character on the show.  She's become a rallying point for Thrones fans around the world. Arya - simply put - rocks!

So when we asked Mountain Colors to create another exclusive FiberWiild! Game of Thrones colorway, it was easy to agree on Arya as our inspiration.  Arya's signature garment is a tunic constructed of woven strips of leather laced together.  It's perfect for a swordfighting young woman avenging her family's deaths, but it's not easy to fit a tunic into a modern wardrobe.  Instead, The Nymeria Wrap uses the linear shaping of the tunic adapted into a wrap that can be worn around the shoulders or bunched around the neck.  Knit with Mountain Colors' wonderfully soft River Wash Sport yarn, this simple design uses blocks of stockinette stitch interspersed with garter ridges and short row triangles to resemble Arya's tunic.

The Nymeria Wrap
Bonus:  The Nymeria Wrap pattern is free with the purchase of Mountain Colors River Wash Sport in any colorway!

Super Bonus:  All Mountain Colors yarns are on sale for 20% off until the end of April!

So how does a swordfighting young woman keep her wrap in place while forging her own destiny?  With a shawl closure, of course.  Letting your wrap drape gracefully over your shoulders is fine while watching Game of Thrones on a Sunday evening, but when you are on the move, whether you are escaping from a castle imprisonment or bringing in the groceries, a closure will keep your warp neatly in place.

So which is best for you?
  • Pedestal Button
    Jul Leather Pedestal Button
    I chose the brown leather Jul pedestal button for the Nymeria wrap.  The pedestal button works similar to a screw back earring - you gently work the screw on the front of the button in-between your stitches, then screw the back on from the other side.  A pedestal button is very secure, but doesn't require the commitment, sewing or planning of regular buttons. 
  • Button.  The variety of button choices is almost endless!  Any fabric store has a huge selection of shiny new buttons, but don't forget to check your grandmother's old button stash or an antique store for a vintage button.  Buttons provide a secure, lightweight close, the disadvantage is they require planning and a permanent button hole. 
  • Shawl Pin.  A shawl pin is a quick closure that can be easily inserted and removed - perfect if you are the type who continuously takes your shawl on and off! 
    • Aluminum Shawl Pin Don't like a heavy closure pulling your shawl down?  An aluminum shawl pin is the choice for you!  Big enough to stand up and get noticed, our Plover aluminum shawl pins are made of lightweight aluminum that you can hardly feel.  Plus, they're made of recycled aluminum, so you will be helping the environment while looking great in your shawl! 
    • Wood Shawl Pin.  Nothing has the earthiness and warmth of wood!  Our Jul wood shawl pins are handmade in Indonesia to add a touch of elegance to your garment.  Plus, the shawl pins area Fair Trade item, which means the artist received a living wage and humane working conditions because of your purchase.
We're always happy to help you out with your color choice and pattern suggestions. Just don't call me on Sunday evenings - I'll be eagerly watching Game of Thrones while wearing my Nymeria Wrap!

Happy Knitting . . . . Amy

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