Tuesday, May 26, 2015

It's Baby Season! Two Great Baby Projects

Mitered Square Blanket and Jessy's Bonnet
Ok, I know that babies are actually born all year long, but according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention more babies are born in the summer than in the winter.  The highest month bounces around from year to year but is always either June, July, August or September.  The theory is that people spend more time indoors as the temperature drops in the fall and early winter and, well, nine months later babies are born! 

So chances are good that you know someone who is expecting this summer.  Hand knit baby gifts are always a treasure, and the best part is that they are frequently small, portable summer projects.

I've designed two timeless baby projects that are sure to steal any mother's heart - and make you the hero at the baby shower!

Mitered Square Baby Blanket
Mitered Square Baby Blanket
There's always a need for baby blankets, and this one's attractive, versatile, very simple to knit - and machine washable!  Knit in just two shades of Berroco Vintage Chunky, the Mitered Square Baby Blanket features a basic checkerboard pattern. Each square is cast on or picked up directly onto the previous squares and is completely bound off before the next square begins. The project is very portable since, between blocks at least, there are no stitches to fall off your needles while it's jostled around from carpools to knitting groups to soccer practice and home.

The blanket is knit in Berroco Vintage Chunky.  It's a heavier version of perennial favorite Berroco Vintage and is precisely what you'd expect from the line: buttery soft, colorful, and easy to wash.  While selecting colors, note that the Main Color is also used in the trim around the outer edge of the blanket. You'll need 5 hanks of the Main Color and 4 hanks of the Contrasting Color - and we've got 10 great colors to choose from!

Bonus:  Berroco Vintage Chunky is on sale at 20% off!

Super Bonus:  The Mitered Square Baby Blanket pattern is FREE with the purchase of Vintage Chunky!

Jessy's Baby Bonnet
Both simple and simply adorable, Jessy's Baby Bonnet is a sweet cotton bonnet with a ribbon tie. There's a bit of lacy detail without going overboard, so is an ideal project for girls or boys!

Jessy's Baby Bonnet
It's sure to be a family heirloom in Rowan's durable - and machine washable! - 100% cotton Summerlite 4-Ply.  Summerlite is a wonderfully soft cotton in a dozen splendid colors.  Knit a bonnet in a color or go traditional with basic white. If the parents are keeping the baby's gender a secret until the birthday, knit the bonnet in white and be prepared with both a pink and a blue ribbon!  Either way, this is sure to keep wee noggins warm for generations. If you knit the smaller size, you should be able to get two bonnets from a single ball of Summerlite 4-Ply.

Bonus:  Rowan Summerlite 4-Ply is on sale at 20% off!

Double Bonus:  Jessy's Baby Bonnet pattern is FREE with the purchase of Summerlite 4-Ply!

Happy Knitting . . . . Amy

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