Friday, May 8, 2015

The Perfect Mother's Day Gift - Time!

Sweet Dreams by Firmin Baes (1874 - 1945)
What's the one thing all moms want on Mother's Day?  Time.  Sure, flowers and cards are nice, but you just can't beat giving mom a few hours alone, to do whatever she wants without having to stop to wipe someone's nose or change a diaper.  So dads, grandpas, friends and favorite aunts: take the kids out for a few hours and give the mom some alone-time.

And what will she do with her new-found freedom?  If she is a knitter, she will knit!  And I don't mean a garter stitch scarf . . . alone-time means time for something that takes a little concentration!  The kind where you just can not be interrupted!

Some ideas . . . .
  • Turn a Heel.  Nothing intimidates a new sock knitter more than turning a heel.  I always tell folks turning a heel is easy, but it is very important that you be completely alone, with the TV off and the phone put away, the very first time you turn a heel.  The Launch Pad Socks and Red Planet Socks are both easy sock patterns that are great for first-time sock knitters.  Visit Michelle Hunter's heel turning videos for some visual help.  
  • Knit Lace. It's always easier to start a lace pattern and get a few of the pattern repeats done without distractions.  The Barefoot 'N Bordeaux Shawlette is a great new pattern (and the pattern is free with the purchase of Mountain Colors Barefoot yarn), and the Lace and Rib Tank pattern is a cute summer shell (and Tahki Yarn's Cotton Classic yarn - in 46 great colors - is on sale at 20% off). 
  • Skein Yarn.  If you have little ones about, it is much easier to skein yarn without little hands getting tangled in the yarn.  Unwind your yarn with a swift, and then wind it into a center pull ball with a ball winder.
  • Read.  I don't mean glance at a pattern pamphlet, I mean take some time to leisurely browse through a big, fat knitting magazine: read the articles, ogle at the pictures, and be inspired by the patterns.  And, of course, you must read with a hot cup of tea or a cool glass of wine.  
  • Shop.  If you can't get the kids out of the house, then get yourself out of the house without the kids.  FiberWild! will be open our regular hours on Mother's Day (10 to 5), and the website is always open. If shopping is truly not an option for you on Mother's Day then strongly suggest that your family get you a gift certificate so that you can do some shopping later! 
Enjoy your day off, Mothers!

Happy Knitting . . . .  Amy

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