Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Adventure into Texture with the Rogue Star Socks!

Most stars are firmly established within their own galaxy, but not a rogue star.  A rogue star has escaped the gravitational pull of its home galaxy and is moving along on its own course, charting its own path, creating its own destiny.  Hmm . . . kind of like you!

It's time again the for Sock of the Month, and this month we are featuring the Rogue Star Sock. Each month, the challenge increases. First, we brought you the simple and utilitarian Launch Pad Socks. Last month, we upped the ante with ribs and cables in the Red Planet Socks. This month, we venture into mirrored cables and a symmetrical staghorn texture stitch with The Rogue Star Socks.

Rogue Star Sock
Worked from the cuff down, these handsome socks combine mirrored cable panels front and back with sections of heavy texture down either side. Luckily, even an all-over pattern like this is relatively simple to keep straight with our instruction; it's basically just two patterns alternating around.

The Rogue Star Socks are knit with Rowan Fine Art yarn.  You probably think of mohair and silk as luxury fibers, right?  They are, but they are also two of Mother Nature's most durable fibers.  Traditionally socks are knit from wool, but wool tends to wear, so Rowan Fine Art yarn is a blend of 45% wool, 20% mohair and 10% silk for a durable blend with the breathability of natural fibers (so your feet don't get sweaty!), plus an extra 25% of Polyamide thrown in for extra-extra strength. 

Rogue Star Sock Detail
The fiber content is a very practical reason to knit socks with Rowan Fine Art yarn, but let's face it, it's also a very pretty yarn, with a wonderful palette of 13 gorgeous colorways.  The yarn is hand painted in South Africa by the Cape Mohair Spinners, a group that hires women from some of the poorest communities in the area.  While the women are trained in the hand dying process they are creating an opportunity for genuine improvement in living standards for their families and their communities.  So you get a great blend of fiber, fabulous color, and the knowledge that your purchase is helping women around the world.  Awesome! 

Bonus:  The Rogue Star Sock pattern is FREE with the purchase of Rowan Fine Art yarn

Knit one Sock of the Month, or knit them all - choose your own path, you're a Rogue Star!

Happy Knitting . . . . Amy

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