Wednesday, June 17, 2015

MORE Colorways from Liberty Wool Print (And they're 20% Off!)

Hat in Kalahari Sunset
Can you ever have too many color choices?  Heck, no!  Fortunately, the folks at Classic Elite Yarn agree, too!  We already have 40 colors of Liberty Wool Print, but Classic Elite has vowed to unveil a total of twelve new colors this year, two to four at a time - and it's time to announce the newest colorways!

Liberty Wool Print is a soft worsted-weight machine-washable 100% wool yarn in a huge assortment of self-striping colorways.  Pick a color - any color - and you can choose a free pattern!

Bonus:  All Liberty Wool Print yarn is on sale at 20% off!

Poncho in Lavender Mist
Nothing says golden warmth and sunshine like the sun setting over the sands of the Kalahari Desert in Africa.  Keep your head desert warm in the chill of winter with the Kalahari Sunset Hat.  Kalahari Sunset is a gorgeous blend of orange, red, pink and brown.

Is it a solid color cable shawl, or a striped throw worn casually off the shoulder?  It's both!  The Lavender Mist Poncho plays with color and texture by combining the self-striping purple, blue, gray and green of Lavender Mist with with her solid sister, Liberty Wool - 20% off during the month of June!

Pullover in Cherry Delight
Sometimes just a bit of solid can really add drama to a kaleidoscope of stripes.  The pullover in Cherry Delight is a happy blend of red, pink, tan and brown with a splash of solid.

The blue, red and gray of Blue Sienna combine for a fun crocheted cowl.  Eight simple squares let the colors do their magic to provide the excitement.  

Double Bonus:  You can choose any of the four patterns for free with the purchase of any color of Liberty Wool Print!

Crocheted Cowl in Blue Sienna
Want more patterns?  It's easy to find pattens for a nice worsted weight yarn, from dramatic new designs to classic standards.  Check our Liberty Wool Print page for some of my favorite patterns for kids, adults, shawls, hats, mittens, wraps, home decor, and more!

Happy Knitting . . . . Amy

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