Tuesday, January 15, 2013

All Tweed Yarns on Sale - 20% Off!

Sir Rowan Tweed
Some might announce a new addition to their family by mailing birth announcements or holding a naming ceremony.  Not us.  We have a sale!  So in honor of our new kitty, Sir Rowan Tweed, we put all of our tweed yarn on sale!

We have 17 tweed yarns to choose from, each in a variety of colors, and all are 20% off!  Tweeds are great for warm sweaters and cozy mittens.  Most tweeds also felt well - just be sure to choose one that is 100% wool (and not machine washable) if you plan to felt. 

Rowan Tweed Aran Yarn
A traditional Scottish tweed yarn is a nubby wool.  Many of ours are 100% wool, although some are blends to add softness or to make washing easier.  According to fashion legend, the word "tweed" was coined in the 1830s when a London merchant received a letter from a Scottish firm advertising their woven twill wool fabric.  He misread the handwriting and thought the twill cloth was named after the Tweed River that runs through the textile district in Scotland.  He advertised the wool as tweed, and the name stuck.

Luxury Tweed Raglan
Luxury Tweed Raglan
So what should you do with your tweed yarn?  The Luxury Tweed Raglan sweater has a mock turtleneck and a slimming ribbed bottom.  You'll use Debbie Bliss' Luxury Tweed, a soft merino with 15% angora.  Looking for a crochet project?  Check out the Floppy Beret with Bill! Crocheted in Classic Elite's Portland Tweed, it's an easy project with very little finishing! Free patterns you say?  Michelle Hunter's Reciprocation fingerless glove pattern is a FREE pattern knit with Trekking 6-Ply Tweed

Dog Sweater PDF
Tahki Dog Sweater
Also, the Tahki Dog Sweater pattern is a very nice sweater for your pooch knit in Tahki's Donegal Tweed.  (Don't tell Sir Rowan Tweed, he'll hiss!)

Happy Knitting!      Amy

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