Friday, January 4, 2013

New Years Knitting Resolutions

So what are your New Years Resolutions for 2013?  And I don't mean "Loosing Weight" or "Be a Better Friend" - I want to know what your Knitting Resolutions are!

Don't have any?  Well, here are some suggestions:
    Building Blocks
  • Learn a new knitting skill.  Sign-up for a class for some hands-on instruction, or learn at home with "Building Blocks" by Michelle Hunter.  The book teaches 12 new skills.  You end up with 12 blocks that you can finish into an afghan, baby blankets, pillows - or whatever your imagination can come up with! You can also join one of Michelle's Knit Alongs to learn new skills from home with video tutorials and support on her Knit Purl Hunter Ravlery Group!
  • Dig into your yarn stash.  We've all got a stash of yarn we bought with plans to use it "for something, someday."  Why not now?  I like scarf knitting to use-up stash yarn - the size doesn't matter, so you can just keep knitting until you run out of yarn.  If you prefer to go by the rules and follow a pattern, check out the Reverse Lace Scarf, it's easy to knit and uses almost any kind of yarn! For those who like to multitask, you can complete two resolutions at once if you use your worsted weight yarn in your yarn stash to learn new techniques with the Building Blocks book. You might have an interesting looking blanket when you finish, but what's wrong with a little color variation?!
  • Believe in UFOs (Un-Finished Objects).  Yes, you can finish that project that has been on the needles forever!  Need some friendly peer pressure to help you out?  Come to our free weekly Open Stitching every Thursday evening from 6 to 8 pm - just show up!
    Della Q Lily Zip Pouch
  • Visit More Local Yarn Shops.   This is especially fun to do when traveling.  Visit to find a yarn shop at your destination.
  • Needle Control.  Got all your needles stuffed in a coffee can?  A Della Q needle case will keep your needles well organized - and they're pretty!
By the way, Sean has commited to losing 20lbs this year! It's a "Threefer":
1) It's a New Year's Resolution.
2) It's a bet he made with his friend Joe.
3) It will be a minor miracle!

Have a great New Year - and Happy Knitting!     Amy

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