Friday, January 18, 2013

The Non-Knitters Guide

A "thing" of yarn is called a skein.
 It is an unfortunate fact of life that some of the most important people in our lives may not be yarn enthusiasts.  I see a lot of non-knitters dragged unwillingly into my store, so I thought I'd share a few thoughts for the non-knitters in our lives.  So parents, children, significant others, etc., read on!
  • Do not be afraid!  Yes, we carry sharp scissors and needles with us at all times, but for the most part knitters (and crocheters) are rather harmless.  We like to joke that we even share needles!
  • Multiple Projects are Normal and Necessary.  Don't expect us to finish one project before starting the next, this is simply not realistic!  Sometimes we may feel like working on a simple project, sometimes we want something more complex.  Sometimes we just don't feel like going downstairs, so we'll grab something out of the upstairs knitting basket.  Multiple projects are a sign that someone is creative, hardworking, and a great multi-tasker.
  • Learn to Knit Kit
  • LYS (Local Yarn Shop) Behavior.  Did your mother tell you not to touch things in a store?  That's not true at a yarn shop.  You should touch the yarn all you want, and comments like "Oooo, this is so soft!" are acceptable and welcomed.   
  • Yarn Budgeting.  There really isn't any such thing.  Hold back your comments when your knitter buys yarn for an endless number of projects, or even says "I don't know what I'm going to make with this yarn, but I just HAVE to have it!"  Resistance is futile!
  • Drink the Kool-Aid!  Tired of being a non-knitter?  You can join the knitters of the world by taking the Introduction to Knitting Workshop for hands-on help, or learn at home with a Lean to Knit kit that includes needles, yarn and a instructional book.

Happy Knitting!     Amy 

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so cute & so true! thanks for sharing~

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