Friday, October 10, 2014

A Dreamy 20% Off on All Dream in Color Yarns - And a FREE Pattern!

Fall Colors Wrap - a FREE Pattern!
Do you dream in color?  Most people do, but whether you dream in color or not you should definitely knit in color!

This is a perfect time to knit with Dream in Color's dreamy colors - all Dream in Color yarns and patterns are 20% off!  Except for the special order colors, right?  Wrong!  All special order colors are included in the 20% off sale!

Dream in Color was started by two women who love color.  And I mean they LOOOOOOOVE color!  They opened a yarn shop and started dying and experimenting with color in the back room.  Two years later their own hand-dyed colors were so popular they closed the yarn shop to devote themselves to dying their Dream in Color yarn full time.  That's good news for us!

October Dream Club Cruzado Cowl
I know that having all of our Dream in Color yarns and patterns on sale at 20% off can make it hard to choose - so I'll highlight a few of my favorites: 
  • You'll love their limited edition fall colors - The Great Pumpkin, Swamp Thing and Ginger Ninja, in Jilly and Jilly Lace.  The new colors are all on sale at 20% off.   
  • Do you like free?  You can get my new Jilly pattern, the Fall Colors Wrap, free!  No purchase necessary, just say "Gimme the free Fall Colors Wrap!"  The Fall Colors Wrap features a two color body in an alternating interrupted rib stitch with a bold contrast on the side.  The sample looks awesome knit in Jilly's fall colors. You can choose from over 50 other colors of Jilly too!
  • Dream Club Kits.  A club for dreamers?  Why not!  Each Club Kit contains a pattern plus yarn in an  exclusive color created especially for the project.  October's project is the Cruzado Cowl knit with Dream in Color's supersoft Classy yarn in a rich mix of fall colors (orange, red, yellow and brown). 
  • The Chelsea Cowl Kit
    Who likes holes in their sweaters  Nobody!  The Everlasting DK yarn is a 100% Superwash Australian Merino wool with 12 finely spun plies.  It's a strong, durable yarn great for creating long-wearing projects - and it's a whopping 40% off!
  • The Chelsea Cowl KitChelsea's Light Foundation was created in memory of Chelsea King, who was a fatal victim of a sex offender.  The Foundation has been instrumental in passing stricter sentencing laws for sex offenders and providing peer mentoring programs and scholarships for young adults.  The Chelsea Cowl Kit is a gorgeous cowl knit with Jilly yarn in Enthusimistic (orange) or Poise (blue).  When you buy the kit you get a coupon code to download a copy of Kirsten Kapur's "Rivington Cowl" pattern and yarn to complete the cowl - and Chelsea's Light Foundation gets $7 from each kit sold!  We have the kit on sale at 20% off, but Chelsea's Light Foundation still receives the full $7 from each kit sold. 
Sweet Dreams . . .   

And Happy Knitting! . . .  Amy

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