Friday, October 31, 2014

Patterns Powered by Ravelry

We are thrilled to introduce FiberWild!'s Patterns Powered by Ravelry - a huge selection of knitting and crochet patterns!  How huge is huge?  We have 3,493 patterns so far - and we are adding more every day! 

So what is Patterns Powered by Ravelry?  We've worked with Ravelry to bring an incredible selection of knitting and crochet patterns to the FiberWild! website.  Ravelry, as you may know, is a free site for knitters and crocheters to share tips, ask questions, give yarn recommendations, and post photos of completed projects.  Our huge collection of FiberWild! patterns have been combined with the enormous selection on Ravelry, so you have access to an incredible array of designs.  You simply choose the pattern you want and add it to your FiberWild! cart, select the yarn and needles you need, and check out!  Your pattern is available immediately after you complete your purchase, and you don't even have to be a Ravelry member!

Braided Back Wristlet
How do I choose a pattern with such a large inventory?  Well, you could scroll through each and every one, but we assume you would rather be knitting than scrolling through thousands of patterns.  So we have an easy search menu so that you can view only the patterns that fit your criteria.  Search based on craft (knitting or crochet), category (accessories, clothing, home, pets), pattern designer, yarn weight, needle size and more!  Your search can be as broad or as pinpointed as you choose.

Bonus:  Your Patterns Powered by Ravelry purchases earn you FiberWild! rewards, just like any other purchases on the website.  

April Winds Socks
"Oh no, I want to knit another pair of those socks I made last Christmas but I can't find my pattern!"  You won't say that again, because you can save your pattern in your Ravelry Library and go back to it long after the project is completed and you've lost the paper print-out. 

Not a Ravelry member?  You can join Ravelry for free and enjoy the comradery of a community of knitters - but you don't have to.  You can purchase patterns at FiberWild! without a Ravelry membership.  You'll get the same patterns, pay the same price and get the same immediate access to your pattern after your purchase, but you won't have the benefit of storing your patterns in your personal Ravelry library. 

Don't like electronic patterns?  Some people just prefer a paper pattern, and we still have our selection of pattern magazines, booklets, pamphlets and hard cover books both online and in the store.

Are you a pattern designer?  We'd love to help you add your patterns to our Patterns Powered by Ravelry inventory.  Click here for more information or call the store at 815-777-3550.
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Spring Forward, Fall Back!  So what are  you going to do with your extra hour this weekend as we end Daylight Savings Time and return to Standard Time?  Knit, of course!  How many times have you said "I wish I just had one extra hour to knit?"  And now you do - enjoy it!

Happy Knitting . . . . Amy

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