Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Sweet Dreams! All Dream in Color Yarn on Sale at 20% Off (or More)!

February Dream Club Kit
Do you dream in color?  Scientific studies say that most people do.  I don't think we need to hire a bunch of scientists to tell us that knitters LOVE color!

So if you love color, then you are in luck!  We have all of our Dream in Color yarn on sale for at least 20% off (some are more than 20% off!).  And the Dream in Color yarn is all about, well, color!

Canyon in Queen's Lake
Dream in Color was started by two women who love color.  And I mean they LOOOOOOOVE color!  They opened a yarn shop and started dying and experimenting with color in the back room.  Two years later their own hand-dyed colors were so popular they closed the yarn shop to devote themselves to dying their Dream in Color yarn full time.  Good news for us!

All of our Dream in Color yarn (even the special order colors!) are on sale through the end of March.  Which ones will you choose?  Here are some of my favorites: 
So keep dreaming in color - and knitting in color, too!

Happy Knitting . . . Amy

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