Friday, July 17, 2015

Enjoy Your Waterford Shawl . . . And Your Scotch!

Nothing says class and timeless beauty like Waterford Crystal.  So when we received our first shipment of Mountain Colors' new Twizzlefoot sock yarn, I was inspired to knit this fantastic shoulder-hugging shawl.  With panels of diamonds picked out in eyelets, we couldn't help but think of the style and sophistication of the Waterford Crystal crystal decanters in the shop window across the street … or maybe we just wanted a single malt Scotch.

The Waterford Shawl
The Waterford Shawl is worked from the neck down using two skeins of Twizzlefoot.  It sports a slightly dense garter stitch edging at the neckline to keep the fabric strong and to provide a base on which the rest of the shawl is built. From there a panel of single diamonds flow down from each shoulder, and a broader three-diamond panel flows down the center back. The shawl is finished with an all-around panel of miniature diamonds along the bottom edge.

Bonus:  The Waterford Shawl pattern is FREE with the purchase of Mountain Colors' Twizzlefoot yarn

The Waterford Shawl is knit from Mountain Colors' new Twizzlefoot, a sock-weight version of their popular worsted-weight Twizzle. The yarns take their name from the lovely barber-pole effect that results from one ply in the yarn being entirely silk.  The silk takes dye differently than the wool it's plied with, and the resulting fabric has a vaguely tweedy look. The silk also gives the resulting fabric a bit more drape than a basic wool-nylon blend sock yarn would have.  We have 17 gorgeous colors to choose from.

The Waterford Shawl
Enjoy your Waterford Shawl - and your Scotch!

Happy Knitting . . . . Amy

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